Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The short walk to the bedroom was a blur, before she felt the soft bed covers against her skin. Jon crawled on the bed behind her, his lips following every inch of her body. She twined her arms around his neck and drew him in with a deep kiss. Each time she closed her eyes enjoying the scent and the feeling of him, she struggled to open them. The fog in her head was growing thick and she was desperately fighting it to stay in the land of consciousness.

Jon kissed up the arch of her neck, her whole body lifting off the white cotton bed sheets into his body, there was no refusal from her this time. Three bottles of Savvy back at the restaurant was starting to play havoc with his own vision and the goddess below him started to slowly fade. He quickly stamped down any signs of his body giving into to the sedation that the wine was offering. Lily, in such a short time she’d already become important to him and that didn’t happen. Hell it never happened.

His fingers dusted around the back of her neck making light work of the tie of her halter neck. Slowly he peeled back the material placing kisses along each inch of skin he revealed. Resting his chin at the top of her chest he looked up to meet hooded eyes. Dragging his pinkie over the soft curve of her breast now barely covered with the dress. Her skin was amazingly soft, like rose petals and nothing like he’d even felt before. Jon could feel her heartbeat against his kisses along with the rapid rise and fall of her chest.

“Jon…” she managed, her fingers twining through the blond tendrils of his hair. Her skin goosed with the darkness now in his eyes. She was screaming from the inside out for his touch.

“What do you want?” his voice was low and husky. What did she want? Fuck, she’d never been asked that in this situation before. Biting down on her lip her hand nudged him closer to her breast, her nipples already were tight and ached for his tongue.

Grinning he hooked his index finger under the remaining material and peeled the material down a little further to reveal her whole breast. His tongue flashed out but barely touched her rosy pink tip.

She growled and bucked upwards “Not fair”.

Bringing his other hand over her other breast he stripped the midnight blue cup of her halter away “Life isn’t fair, you know that Lily”.

She gasped when his warm breath teased over her skin but still no contact came. “You are such a shit”.

“Close your eyes…” his voice came with a demanding but soft tone.

She leaned back into the pillows and did what he asked. Closing her eyes she tried to relax under the anticipation of waiting for his touch. She was surprised how easy her mind switched off, and as much as she tried to fight to stay conscious she felt herself slipping away.


It wasn’t until what seemed like only moments later the shrill sound of her cell phone could be heard from the living room still buried in her purse. She groaned and went to roll over but the heaviness of her chest caused her to open her eyes. She winced and when the bright sun hit, good god how much did I drink last night?

Bringing her hand to rub her eyes she slowly adjusted to the light in the room, her eyes feel to her chest where one man was fast asleep, his lips a few inches from her naked breast. Oh my god, Oh my god.

The night came rushing back thick and fast along with her arousal. She’d fell asleep? Holy shit! She managed a small laugh; her dress wasn’t even half off her. Oh god, only she could fall asleep when she actually had the opportunity for sex. Shit.

“Jon…” she whispered. Her cell phone was still ringing and she needed to get it.

Jon grumbled at the high pitched chirping, stupid alarm clock, fuck! Slowly he opened his eyes, promptly slamming them shut again at the glaring sun in the room. Lily! Oh fuck, the image of blue silk and skin came slowly floating back into view when his eyes adjusted. Meeting her sleepy blue eyes relieved to see there was no embarrassment there, thank god.

“I need to get up and get my phone” she said softly tousling his hair with her hand.

He started to chuckle. When was the last time he passed out on wine? When he was twenty something? And it had to be last night of all fucking nights. Jesus Christ Bongiovi.

He went to move off her, and the shrilling stopped. “See no need now” he sat up and scratched his chin and started laughing.

Lily snorted “Stop it, I can’t remember who passed out first, was it you or me?” she asked pulling her dress back up. Oddly enough this didn’t feel like one of those uncomfortable morning-after moments.

“I have no idea, I just remember what I was going to do to you…” he reached out and tucked a strand of her hair behind her face. “And I still do” he said with a small smirk.

She lay back with Jon hovering back over her, her hands sweeping through his hair. “For the record so do I” her thumb brushed the rigid line of his jaw.

The loud bleep of the bedside phone interrupted them again, she groaned and reached out for it but Jon grabbed her wrist “Ignore it” he commanded, his lips desperate to take the journey of last night again.

She let it go and it rang till whoever was on the other end gave up, it more than likely was probably her father. She found herself tugging at the buttons of his shirt under eyes that had no intention to let her move until such time she was satisfied. She splayed her fingers through the fine hair that was splattered there. God it was so soft and so inviting just as she had imagined.

He moaned as her hands slid over his skin, hissing when her thumbs flicked over his nipples. Fuck what she was doing to him, his cock waking up again still hard from last night and needing to be inside her.

The intrusion once more of the loud piercing of her cell phone came again. Lily knew it had to be important if they weren’t satisfied leaving a message, god not now, anything but now.

She pulled Jon up “Honey, I need to get it” she just called him honey? She chuckled when he groaned and rolled off her.

“I’ll get rid of them, I promise” she pulled up from the bed and tied her dress up before heading for her purse on the living room floor. Fishing for her cell phone she flipped it open.

“Lily speaking” It was her London office.

“Hey beach girl” the high nervous British accent of her second in charge Miranda came on the line. The usually high nervous pitch of her voice that meant she was trying to keep calm but something was dreadfully wrong.

Lily brought her hand to her head “Cut the crap Miranda, what’s happened?” she asked regretting the question. God why I didn’t fire this woman?

“It’s the Delmont account, Mr Delmont isn’t happy and he’s asking for you personally” she stuttered. Lily pictured her sitting in her office twisting a pencil though her long red hair nervously.

“Why? We drafted that entire portfolio to the demands of his people before I left?” she asked not even seeing Jon come out of the bedroom.

“Well it seems that his people got it wrong, I know you’re on holiday but you know how big his account is... and he wants you” she said.

Lily sighed “Well get him to call me”. She smiled at Jon apologetically.

There was a pause and then Miranda spoke “He’s asking for you in person or he’s threatening to pull the account with us and go over to Saatchi and Saatchi’s”.

“Shit” she muttered. Anything but that, she’d put too much work into the Delmont account to let it just go now.

“And let me guess he wants me today” she groaned. For the first time in her life she didn’t want to leave. Jon had moved to the window and was staring out to the ocean, his shirt was hanging out and his hair was still all mussed from the bed. She felt her ovaries twinge at leaving him behind.

“Well, yes. I took the liberty and checked and there’s a flight out at noon, you could make that and be back for the morning” Miranda suggested.

She rubbed her forehead and closed her eyes “God, Miranda, ok book it I will get there just email me the details” she said before slamming the phone shut. She turned to Jon “I don’t believe this” she said shaking her head.