Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jon straightened his tie and adjusted his cuffs of the white wide collared shirt he was wearing. He was due to pick Lily up in less than ten minutes having made reservations at a popular waterfront Mexican Restaurant. He gave himself the once over with a squirt of cologne and quickly applied a little product to his hair. Shrugging into the black pinstripe jacket, he was ready.

“Looking good stud” David quipped when he came out for his wallet and cell phone. Richie, David and Tico were playing poker for the night.

Jon rolled his eyes “Thanks Joker, I’m sure Lily will like it” Maybe I’m wearing a little too many clothes for her he chuckled to himself remembering the look on her face.

Richie laughed “Oh I’m sure she will, least you could do for her after flooding her bathroom.” The guys had not let it rest since he’d been home and told them about what had happened with the bathroom. Richie had almost busted a seam laughing so much. Of course Jon had left out the part of calling his Dad, and the towel falling off. He wasn’t that stupid after all these years.

“Yeah yeah asshole. Well boys have fun, sorry I can’t stay but one of us has a date” he grinned.

Tico chortled “Now that’s the Jonny we all miss, welcome back. Got get her Tiger” he flicked a chip into the heap in the centre of the table.

“Ohhh Casanova now? Couldn’t woo her on the beach but now look who is the expert” Richie teased.

“Hey neither could you asshole” Jon pinged back at him

“Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” Richie waved with a broad grin.

“Rich, I’ll do everything that you don’t do man, I want her to actually LIKE me” he laughed before ducking at the flying bottle cap that came his way “See you assholes later” and with that he was gone. The car that he’d ordered was waiting for him, the driver opened the backseat and then drove just down the road a little to Lily’s. Jon quickly adjusted himself and headed for her door. Here goes nothing.


Lily spun around in front of the full length mirror admiring her new navy blue halter neck dress that was full length but clung to her body the whole way down. The neckline was a little more plunging than she intended but it suited the style. She reached up to her lobes and hung a pair of white gold hoops that sat nicely nestled within her golden hair.

Reaching down she strapped on her new Milano Blancs that of course just happened to go with the outfit, before starting on her makeup and hair. She always believed in less was more, just keeping her natural look with a touch of lip-gloss and mascara over the base.

She fussed with her hair for over half an hour before realizing the time. “Shit” he’d be here any minute. She laughed out loud thinking about the last time it was she took this long to get ready for anyone. “Anyone would think he was special or something” she laughed, she didn’t want to admit it but just maybe he was.

When the door bell rang she had just finished putting the last pin in her hair to hold in up. She’d gone for a loose French roll with a few stray strands teasing her face “Perfect” she clutched her purse and made her way to the door accompanied by the clicks of her heels on the hardwood floor. She took a deep breath before unlocking the door and swinging it wide open.

Jon’s breath caught in his throat at the woman standing in front of him, she stood one hand cocked on her hip, and her lips curved in a broad smile the type fashion magazines boded. “You look incredible” he said taking her hand. He took in more of her as she moved closer; her sun kissed blond hair, pinned up with stray wisps’ that framed her face.

The full length navy blue dress she wore was snug around her body and killer heels that were what men only fantasised about showcased her long slender legs. The dress brought out her eyes, blue as the ocean and his gaze rested on the full shimmer of her pink lips. Good fuck.

She smiled taking his hand and pulling the door to lock behind her “Thank you, you brush up well yourself” Holy hell, he was smoking and the dark pinstriped suit he was wearing fitted like a glove. She hadn’t until this moment as they walked to the car realized the ass that he had, firm and tight. Shit.

Jon helped her in the car before slipping in beside her himself, he couldn’t help but catch himself staring at her every second moment. Her eyes met his third time he looked, she smiled and his palms went damp against the leather seats. She looked away lost in her own world, licked her lips and crossed her legs in a movement so slow Jon swore it had to be deliberate.

He watched her run her hand from her knee to her thigh across the silky material an action that had to be made for a man’s gaze to follow. The ridiculous thing was, Jon had a feeling she was oblivious just exactly what she did to men. She was confident, sassy and classy yes. But there was also an innocence about her, one that threatened at the seams of Jon’s pants.

They rode to the restaurant accompanied by pleasant small talk, when Jon lifted took her hand and lifted her out of the car she brushed up against him just catching a most intoxicating smell of spice with fresh spring. God, how the hell am I going to get through this night without losing it?

She slipped her arm through his as they entered the dimly lit restaurant on the waterfront. It had a rustic Mexican feel about it, but the dimmed lighting and candles scattered through the restaurant made the mood intimate. The waiter seated them and Jon pulled up the wine menu.

“Will a white take your fancy Lily?” his eyes still scrutinizing the menu.

She placed her purse on the side of table and smoothed down the white linen table cloth with her hand “I think Sauvignon Blanc will fit the bill, do they have the Terrunyo Savvy?” she asked.

Jon’s brow arched “Why they do, I’ll take your recommendation Miss St James” he smiled folding the leather bound menu and placed it back on the table.

“Chilean wines always bring out the Mexican flavour really well, especially the whites, they’re built for it” she said running her finger along the rim of the empty glass in front of her.

“A wine connoisseur I see” he nodded and signalled the waiter for the wine before turning back at Lily.

“I’ve been to enough business dinners to know what goes with what, but I am impartial to a little wine yes” she admitted with a grin.

The waiter soon poured the wine and brought a platter of corn chips and salsa dips and left them to it. He picked up his wine and took a long taste, nodding at the rich flavour he grinned. “Very nice” he complimented approving. He picked up a corn chip and swiped some salsa on it before offering it out to her across the table.

With her lips poised she leaned forward and licked the salsa off before biting the end of the corn chip. Jon’s pants tightened at the one move, you really are a sucker for punishment asshole. He dipped the other half in guacamole and popped it in his mouth before washing it down with wine.

“So tell me Lily, if you don’t mind...why a gorgeous self assured woman like you is not married” he asked. The question had been bugging him all night, he hated he had to ask but he needed to know.

Her eyes shot back up to his, god this was forward wasn’t it? She brought the glass of wine to her lips and thought about how to respond. The business woman she was, she could have easily manufactured an answer but looking into his deep blue eyes she gave it up.

“I’ve never really had much luck with men” she chuckled when his brow arched in surprise “What I mean is that anyone I’ve ever been out with always wanted to get through to the business somehow... or they were absolute assholes. I just really haven’t had time since Mom died sadly my life’s been about work, but Iike it that way” she explained starting to twirl a strand of her hair nervously.

Jon shook his head in disgust. He knew the type she was talking about, and it angered him someone as lovely as she seemed to be treated like that.

“I’m sorry you have been treated that way Lily, really you don’t deserve it” Jon crunched some more chips before he continued “How did you Mom die?”

God, he didn’t relent did he? First the man question and now the Mom question, oddly enough she didn't have the urge to bite his head off like he she did when they first met. She was relaxed. Probably the wine. She wasn’t about to tell him she had never been in love. Ever.

“She had cancer, it came on really sudden and within three months she was dead...floored us all Jon” she closed her eyes trying to push back the memories of long hospital nights and right till the end her mother ran that damn company. Right till the day before she died. She was a fighter.

“I’m really sorry Lily” the sadness in those big blue eyes was still there lurking, Jon could see it and wondered if she really dealt with it at the time, or that work had just taken over that grief.

She nodded keeping her composure “Thanks, it was a huge shock, but Dad’s been great I’m lucky to have a wonderful father...” she trailed off deep in thought, her finger tracing the outside of the placemat.

A pang of sadness hit Jon, why did he see himself in her almost? The same sadness, the same success after success but the obvious absence of something that she deserved. To be loved for just her.

“I was the same Lily....I’ve poured myself into work just before the tour I spilt from my wife, I didn’t want to think, didn’t want to admit maybe I’d be wrong just once in I didn’t.” He steadied the wine glass to his mouth and took a sip “Until now...I realize how out of practice I am and out of touch with woman I’ve become even though I can woo thousands on stage every night. Makes no sense does it?”

Lily smiled “It makes perfect sense” she managed a laugh thinking about the day of the beach how bad his pick up line was.

“You’re so thinking of the beach aren’t you?” he asked closing his eyes and cringing.

“Guilty but its ok, least I know now you’re just out of practice” she winked.

Jon looked back up at her “Lily I...” but he stopped when music started to filter through the restaurant. He looked out to the courtyard which was deserted with just a sprinkling of fairy lights that lit it. He smiled “Lily would you like to dance?”

Her heart caught in her throat, dance? She couldn’t remember the last time a man asked her to just dance. The slow song that now played in the background was inviting, she even admitted that. But the warning bells were ringing in her mind, she'd be so close to him, could she trust herself?.... “Jon...I” before she could protest he was up and holding out his hand.

“Just a dance Lily... that’s all” he said reassuringly. She nodded sliding her chair up and taking his hand.

Just a dance.


She fetched a mop and bucket from the laundry and adjusted her towel before heading back to the bathroom . This was crazy, absolutely crazy. She had to wonder if Jon actually did know anything about plumbing or he was just trying to impress her.

“Men” she scoffed always think they can do everything. She shook her head and laughed a little before piling her now sopping wet hair in a loose ponytail. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him, now standing only clad in a towel that was slung low on his hips showing off what could only be described as a most delectable body. Oh Sweet Lord.

“Ah mops here” she quickly said handing it to him trying desperately not to stare but the “v” that inched down into the towel was just...shit. Flat tummy and rock hard abs had her gripping the mop hard around the handle scared that her hand would reach out and touch it on its own merit.

“Thanks Lily, I’m so sorry about this. I’ll clean it up straight away, where do you want me to put my clothes?” he asked picking up the pile off the ground. He swallowed hard when he turned to her; she was in just a towel as well for fuck’s sake.

If any man deserved a medal for not giving into his impulses it was him. One rip of that towel and he’d have her all completely, possibly rewarded with a slap around the face too he’d just bet.

“I’ll take them Jon” she said accepting the pile of clothes, heavy from water saturation. He turned away from her and started to mop up the water off the floor trying to concentrate on anything but her in that towel.

She paused for a moment admiring his hips swivel with the action. Christ, this was just too much. She fled the bathroom and carrying his clothes to the dryer, the urge to smell them was clawing at her like a wildcat. She lifted his shirt to her nose and breathed in the scent of sweet musky cologne mixed with waterlogged clothing and sighed. You need help, serious help girl. Jesus.

Once the clothes were drying she headed back to her room to change. This time she just slid on a well worn pair of jeans and a tight red tank top before padding back to the bathroom.

“All done” he said proudly wringing the mop out and then reclining back against the door frame. The beads of water still trickled down that tight chest. Good fuck how much she just wanted to.. By instinct she felt her tongue flicker out and lick her lips.

“Thank you Jon. I do appreciate it even if you didn’t know what you were doing” she teased with a half hearted laugh.

“Hey! I knew...I just didn’t...ok I had no idea what I was doing, I’ll admit it” he said shifting closer to her. There he said it. His patience was running thin, and he needed her. His eyes locked with hers when he reached out and tucked a wet strand of her hair behind her ear. The silence in the room became heavy and the only sound between them was the steady beat of their hearts.

Jon leaned in closer, his lips just inches from hers and her warm breath. Take it slow, or she’ll run. She was a runner he already knew that.

Oh god, he’s really going to kiss me. Shit. Her body vibrated in the anticipation, he was so close and the temptation of that full bottom lip was right there in front of her. What are you doing? You hardly know him? But oh god she wanted him to. Three inches, two inches and then one, her eyes closed and her lips were poised. Then it came, the ever so gentle brush against her lips, not even a kiss before it disappeared. She opened her eyes into soft blues, confusion settling in her mind as to why he didn’t do it. Her own heart was threatening to hammer right out of her throat.

“Jon...” she whispered.

He’d almost kissed her, given into to the one thing above all else he wanted to do in that single moment. Get lost in her. But he couldn’t. He realised she had grown too important to him in such a short time, he needed to do her justice. She deserved it.

“I’d like to take you out to dinner tonight, you just you and me” he simply replied the pad of his thumb grazing her cheek lightly.

Her nipples were hard, her arousal ready to erupt and throw him against the wall but she stamped it all down and nodded “I’d like that Jon” God she just wanted a touch, just one wouldn’t hurt would it? Her hand reached out and palmed his chest. The scattering of thick hair was surprisingly soft under her hand. She shifted her hand over just grazing her index finger lightly over his nipple before completely pulling it away.

Jon inwardly groaned, Fuck she just did not do that. But it was a start she’d made the move. Tonight was going to be about getting to know her and finding out who the real Lily was, he wanted to pay her attention and make her feel spoiled in a way he sensed no one had ever done for her without an ulterior motive.

“Tonight at seven, I’ll come and collect you” he said, he finally broke apart from her and the crazy sexual tension that was ripping him apart but he had to do this right. She's worth the wait.

It was the hesitation on her part that had stopped him, she knew now that Jon really was a gentleman. He could have pushed her, she would have given in and he knew it but he wanted to wait.

She stepped back and smiled “Sounds perfect, casual or classy?” she asked trying to recompose herself.

“Definitely classy” he winked... God knows he may regret that with whatever killer outfit she would come up with.

“Did you manage to have breakfast in the end? I could go and cook something up for us now while we wait on your clothes?” she offered. That didn’t sound so bad and as much as she hated to admit she actually was starting to enjoy his company.

“Sounds perfect Lil, I’ll go rinse all this out and come and join you ok?” he asked, in that moment when he bent down the towel slipped from his waist falling to the floor. Lily gasped trying desperately not to stare but before she pulled her eyes away oh she got a full view. Oh god and he had to be half hard.

“Oh jeeze” Jon snatched the towel feeling his cheeks hit a red “Sorry about that, and stop looking!” he teased grinning at her.

She dropped her jaw “I was not, I didn’t see a thing” she lied defensively. God she was a bad liar.

Jon chuckled shaking his head.

“I didn’t, now if you will excuse me I will go and cock us some breakfast” the words slipped right out. She slapped her hand over her mouth “I mean cook...cook” she reaffirmed, Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. She was busted. Holy shit.

Jon snorted, she totally looked. “Didn’t look eh?” he smirked. The horrified look on her face was just priceless.

“Well it’s not that impressive, once you seen one penis you’ve seen them all” she snapped desperate to save herself some grace here.

His eyebrow rose “So you did look?” he asked amused. He knew it! She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Lily just let it go and burst out laughing “I’m so sorry” she said. Shit, just leave before you put your foot in it more woman. Her hand clasped against her mouth. “I’ll go cook” she corrected herself. She tried to exit the room with whatever dignity she still had intact.

“And I beg to differ that it’s not impressive, don’t judge a book by its cover, you need to experience it before you can discard it” he fired back to her.

She turned and grinned, a safe distance away from him. He was playing with fire, how she went from wanting to snap at him and never let him in to delicious flirting with him? She’d never know.

“Could say the same about woman too Jon...” she winked.

He was going to test the waters but only with words not actions “So will I ever get to prove it?” he asked.

The fire in her womb screamed yes, but her head was thankfully still thinking straight. She brought a finger to her lips and contemplated “The Jury is still out on that one” she winked and strolled off to the kitchen relieved to escape the red hot tension. She needed to cool off. Jesus Christ.

Jon watched the woman who now he desperately wanted to bed walk away. She was something, god she was. Lily St James. And by the end of tonight she would know it. Mission Accomplished.

Lily and Jon spent the next couple of hours on the deck of her father’s beach house drinking coffee and relaxing just making comfortable small talk. She’d prepared them toasted muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Jon had told her about the band and the last couple of tours, and Lily had talked about her work around the London office. They found they shared the same views around business practice and goals, both admitting they were very driven people that didn’t like to lose. They kept away from personal conversation at this point. Jon knew he could have asked her, but he wanted to let her relax with him hoping that tonight she’d feel comfortable to share her life with him.

Once the clothes had dried Jon changed back and left Lily to relax for the afternoon, she wanted to head into town to browse around the shops secretly hoping to find a knock out dress for that evening. While she did shop, she found herself in slipping often into daydreams. Replaying the events from the morning, people must have thought she was crazy with the small laughs and smiles she often broke out in thinking about him. Finally she found the perfect outfit with accessories for the night. A part of her was like a girl going on her first date again. Technically it was her first... In a long long time. One she actually wanted to be on. She couldn’t wait.


Lily quickly showered and redressed in a light sundress and sandals. Squirting some body spray on she packed her things all up and walked back out to the living area where the guys were having breakfast on the deck. Jon appeared with a tool box in one hand, dressed in jeans and tight navy blue thermal that hugged his body moulding around his abs. This was a bad idea.

“Feel better?” he asked smiling admiring her lemon sundress that showed those sun-kissed legs off to perfection.

“I do, thank you so much. I’ve just been running, you have no idea how good that shower was” she said gratefully. Although it may have been better with you in it.

The vision of her in tight gym clothes running along the beach made his heart beat faster. You’re welcome. Now I’ve got my things so should we try and see if we can fix this up?” he asked. He wanted to quickly get her out before either Richie or David yelled out that he had no idea what he was doing. They thought it was hilarious, so he needed to get her out of her as quickly as possible.

She waved to the guys before Jon ushered her out the door to walk to her place. Once they got there she unlocked the door and led him in.

“Wow, nice place” Jon whistled looking around. It was twice the size as his place and fitted with a very modern décor with neutral colors. Pristine and immaculate Jon figured it would have cost more than just a pretty penny.

“Thanks, it’s my father’s. He bought it after Mom died…” she stopped placing her keys on the table, She didn’t need to tell him all that.

“Sorry to hear that” Jon said softly “that must have been hard for you”.

She nodded trying desperately to repress the grief that was still buried deep inside her locked away. “Yeah it was hard. She always wanted a place out here and Dad always said that they didn’t need one, so when she died he bought one. Ironic huh?” she asked opening the large slider to let the fresh air in. She already felt so comfortable with Jon, it was weird and something she wasn’t used to.

The way that she stared so distantly out to sea, Jon saw she was still dealing with the grief internally so he didn’t push it. “Well I best get started, you want to show me the bathroom?” he asked.

She nodded climbing the stairs “Come on it’s up here” she led up the spiral staircase to the sprawling second level and into the main bathroom.

Jon dumped his toolbox down and flipped open the lid and fastened the leather tool belt so it hung low around his hips.

Don’t drool, don’t drool. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing? I can just wait till tomorrow” she offered. He looked a little unsure of himself. She bit back a chuckle. If he was anything like she was, he was stubborn and would never admit to not knowing what to do.

“Pfff, of course I do. If you leave me to it baby, I’ll get started” praying she didn’t want to watch him fumble around.

“Of course, I need a drink did you want me to fetch you one Jon?” she asked. She had to get out of there, the tool belt, his top clinging to his muscles, lord. She really would need a cold shower soon.

“That would be great Lily, I’ll just have what you’re having” he smiled leaning against the shower door crossing his arms.

She swallowed hard. She had to get out now, or she’d be the one he’d be banging not the plumbing. “I’ll be right back” she said excusing herself to go back to the kitchen.

Jon shook his head, it was there. The tension between them was red hot, he had to be patient he got the feeling with Lily one false move and strike you were out. He turned back to the shower and shook his head. He closed the door to the bathroom and pulled out his cell phone and dialled the one person that just may know what the hell he was supposed to do.

“Hey Dad, Its Jon” he said. Shit he was going to laugh but Jon was desperate.

“Hey Jon, how’s the Hampton’s? Carol was just saying we should come up and see you while you’re up there, she worries about you, and you know that” his parents had been on his case since the separation. His mother convinced that he rushed into the decision, but she did have a close relationship with his ex-wife so that was expected.

“Yes Dad, I know. And I’m doing fine really, no need to come up. I’ll come out to you guys next week ok?” he asked “Now I need some help and I don’t have much time, how do you fix a leaky shower?” he asked.

“Well you call a plumber son for a start” John Bongiovi laughed.

“I know I would Dad, but I kind of told a friend I would fix it for her”

“For her? Oh I see…well in that case you need to check the pipes behind the shower, look for a panel that probably comes out and check the pipes, when you turn on the water you’ll see where the leak or problem is…just who is this friend?”

“Thanks Dad, I see it got to go” he said slamming the phone shut before his Dad could ask anymore questions. There were stirrings in the hallway so he figured Lily was on her way back. He quickly set to work and removed the large panel which sure enough had the piping work behind it. He turned on the shower like his Dad told him and the leak became visible to him. Perfect. He grabbed his wrench from the belt and tightened it around the bolt which was where the leak was generating from. Nothing to it, rock star by day handyman by night.

Jon was so lost in thought that the surge of cold water hit in hard “Shit!” he spluttered it was soaking him and worse going everywhere all over the tiled floor “Fuck!” he yelled.

Lily carried two glasses back up the stairs with iced tea with a sprig of mint in each. She was almost at the bathroom door when she heard a rushing of water in between male curses. She rushed to the bathroom door and flung it open only to get soaked in water that was exploding all over the bathroom.

“Shit!” she shrieked putting the glasses down, Jon was completely blinded trying to take the impact of the blast. Lily reached up and cranked the dial back making the water subside.

She was soaked to the bone, her sundress now plastered to her skin. “What the hell happened?” she yelled turning to look at him water dripping off him. “I thought you knew what you were doing?!”

He looked up at her feeling his own cheeks creep with a blush “I don’t know what happened I found the leak and then…” He was such a freaking idiot. Good one now she really is going to be impressed. Her sunny blond hair was ratty and wet, and the gorgeous sundress was clinging to her body, so much he could see her nipples poking through the thin material. Ok so it wasn’t all bad.

“Did you turn the water off first?” she asked haughtily “and stop looking!” she cursed angrily covering herself up.

“Um, no I guess I forgot that bit, but I was trying to see where the actual leak was and then I guess… I should have turned it off before I attempted to tighten it” he said shifting his feet a little.

Lily reached over to the rack and grabbed two towels throwing one at him and then looking down “I’m soaked Jon, Jesus Christ! And this place is a mess!” she cursed rubbing her face dry.

He laughed, I shouldn’t she’s so angry. “I’m sorry, I’ll clean up I promise” he bit back a chuckle.

“It’s not funny!” she snapped then laughed “Ok, maybe a little... god I wouldn’t have bothered with the shower at your place if this was going to happen” she went to move but the slippery floor under her sandals with no grip didn’t comply she slid forward and squealed grapping out for the one thing that was in her sights, Jon.

“Whoa, you ok?” he grabbed her arms and pulled her up her body pressed into his as she regained her balance.

She pawed at his wet thermal straightening herself. “Sorry, slippery floor which you will be cleaning up” she looked up into blue eyes that were so close she could see his pupils dilating just a little. The strong smell of that cologne mixed in with pure man was radiating right over her body. Jon followed his instinct and slipped his hands around the back of her waist but soon stopped when she stiffened in his arms.

Inches away were the best kiss she’d have, she just knew it but something stopped her, she just couldn’t. His lips looked so inviting, and soft. The bottom one was just a little fuller. Her teeth were twitching to pull down into her mouth and suck on it. God just once. But her instinct pulled away “Thanks” she said picking back up her towel now aware her skin was showing right through the wet material.

“I-I better get changed” she said before turning to him “I can dry your clothes for you if you want to just wrap yourself in a towel” Oh god why did she just suggest that? She was a sucker for punishment.

Jon was about to suggest that he could just go home and change but she’d made the offer and it kept him there “I’ll clean up in here first, do you have a mop and bucket I can use?”

She nodded “I’ll go and find one” she said leaving him. She quickly peeled off her dress and wrapped a towel around herself in search for the mop and bucket. God what the hell was she doing?


Lily woke early after a reasonably undisturbed sleep, the only thing still heavy on her mind was the night before with Jon. She sat up and stretched and padded out to the deck where the beginning of another gorgeous late summer morning was stirring. She briefly glanced down the beach a little to see if there were any signs of life at Jon's house but it appeared to be all still. Just forget it, it’s done. Over.

"Probably all too hung-over from all the nice tits, great ass comments" she cursed out loud. Why couldn't he just been a little different than your average guy? She leaned back against the open French door and sighed. Because I wanted him to be.

The shrill of her cell phone deterred anymore Jon-thoughts, so she went back inside and scooped it up from the table. She rolled her eyes at the caller id.

"Hi Daddy" she said flopping herself down into one of the oversized leather chairs bringing her knees up to her chest.

"Hey precious, how's The Hamptons?" he asked.

She hated when he called her that but it was an endearment that she'd never grown out of. "Good Dad, it's so quiet here" well except for the four noisy rock stars down the way.

"Great, I hope you're relaxing and didn't take your laptop like you promised" he said sternly. Lily chuckled remembering that conversation and how many times she almost did end up bringing it with her.

"No Dad, just me my phone, my music and books...happy?" she asked. Her father worried far too much about her but since her Mom died it just had become second nature to him to always worry about her.

"I am now" he laughed "You just help yourself to anything over there ok, and you can stay as long as you like...even longer than the week if you want" he said. He was pushing it.

"Dad, you know I can't I have to be in London next week to take care of the O'Donnell account and I'm not letting Miranda handle it, not after last time" she said defiantly. Miranda was Second in charge in the London Office and one of the only reasons she still had a job was because she was Lily's mother's best friend. Lily didn't trust her abilities after they nearly lost the Virgin Atlantic account but thanks to Lily who worked her ass off, she saved it.

"Lily I wish you'd take longer, you know I'm worried, besides are there any nice young men around there?" he asked hopefully. Her father was always going on that a girl of her age should be out dating and enjoying life in-between her career. He just didn’t understand the complications of who she was that often drove the outcome.

"No Dad there is not...and I'm fine, I'll stay here till the end of the week and then I'm flying out of JFK to Heathrow as discussed" she said sighing again "I'm fine, trust me" Nice young men? Well ok so she lied but it was too complicated to tell her father all that.

"Ok sugar, I've got to dash but we'll talk later ok. Turn your cell phone off and go have some fun, love you" once she ended the call she did turn off her cell phone and decided she needed to go for a run down the beach, it was a much too nice morning not to and would distract her thoughts from work, and Jon.

Forty minutes later, slick with sweat and revived with the fresh salty air she returned home and made a beeline for the shower. She stripped off her running clothes which peeled right off her and cranked the shower dial on hot. There was a splat and a fizzle until the only thing that came out of the faucet was a no stronger than a trickle.

"Oh just great" she cursed slamming her hand hard against the tiled wall in vain hope that it stirred something. She tried the sink and that didn't work either. Shit. She was going to have to call a plumber, just what she damn needed. Her father luckily kept an address book by the phone of the local services including plumbers.

It was ten minutes later that she just about threw the phone across the room. Tomorrow, tomorrow was the god damn earliest that someone could get here? "It's the busy season" or "there are more urgent jobs" what the hell defined urgent to no plumbing working?

She was hot, sweaty and in desperate need for a shower. She could always go and check in a nearby motel but quite frankly she couldn't be bothered. Shifting her gaze to the ocean she laughed "Maybe I'll just run out into there" she sighed.

You could always go and ask Jon to use his shower. She hated not being clean especially after a twenty minute hardcore run along the beach. No, god knows I can't go back there not after I left like that.

She breathed in and tried to go and sort herself out and what she would wear for the day, she'd just have to use lots of deodorant that was all there was to it. She got changed and then attempted her hair, the messy birds nest it was currently in was just not going to do. Shit. Pride was just less important than a shower right now, he'd have a lock on his bathroom right?

She quickly grabbed what she would need and stuffed it into her leather tote before locking up and heading back down the beach. I'm crazy, freaking crazy again.

She arrived at the door, signs of life appeared to be limited but the large window was open with the sound of the curtain flapping in the breeze. She knocked on the door and waited twisting her hand around the leather strap of the tote tighter. The door swung open moments later with Jon standing there in a navy blue robe just about open to his navel. The scattering of a pretty substantial mat of hair caught her eye and her hand curled into a fist imaging what it would be like to touch.

Holy, eyes on his face..."Ah," what she couldn’t string two words together now?

He smiled relieved to almost see her again, he'd spent the whole night wondering whether he should attempt to go and see her or not "Hey Lily, nice to see you again. Conference call went ok?" he asked his lips threatening a small smirk.

She managed a small smile, he clearly knew that it was just an excuse. "Well when you're being talked about like a piece of meat sometimes you don't really feel all that compelled to stay somewhere" she challenged.

Jon's eyes widened so she had overheard them in the kitchen. "And if you'd bothered to stay longer you would of heard me tell him to shut up, that's Richie Lily he comes off like that but we're all not sleazes like you seem to think we are Ms St James" he grinned.

She opened her mouth and then went to shut it again "I'm sorry it was very rude of me to leave like that" she said biting her lip. She had to swallow her pride, she wanted a shower god damn it.

"Apology accepted now have you come for breakfast?" he asked with a lazy grin "because it's just about ready. David does a mean omelette" he offered.

"Well I've kind of come to ask if I can use your shower, my plumbing is out and they can't get anyone here till tomorrow, and as you can see I've been running and look disgusting" she laughed flicking her hair behind her back.

Jon snorted, she didn't look one bit disgusting, her skin had a soft glow to it and her cheeks were flushed with a shade of pink. Those pouty pink lips were rested and poised ready to...stop it. Those lips would be the death of him. "You look fine, and you're welcome to come in and use the bathroom, I have two so use the one down the end of the hall that way you won't get interrupted by any of the guys." He said showing her in and down the hallway to the far bathroom.

"Thank you Jon, I appreciate this. I really do" she said honestly.

"You're welcome to stay for breakfast afterwards" he offered again hoping she would accept this time.

"Thanks but it won't be necessary, eggs don't sit well with me after running" It was half the truth.

Jon nodded "Well I could come back and see if I can fix the plumbing?" it was too late, it just came out. He knew nothing about it but he was desperate to see her again and being away from all the guys she just might feel more comfortable.

She raised her brow "Really? The Rock star fixes plumbing?" she laughed.

He frowned "Yes I do, Dad always taught me those sort of things" Except I just can't remember them now. Shit.

"It's not necessary but if you didn't mind ..." her eyes travelled down his body. I wonder what he'd look like in a tool belt.

"Consider it done, I'll go get ready and grab my tool belt"

"Tool belt?" she asked quietly, god had he heard her?

Jon laughed "Yeah the thing I will use to fix the" he asked her. She totally just imagined a tool belt on me.

"Right. Well I'll be in here having a shower and you ‘ll be getting your tool belt" she said quickly closing the door behind her and let a deep breath out. Oh my god I so just didn't do that! I'm an idiot!

Jon shook his head with a grin walking back to where all the guys were. "So does anyone know how to fix plumbing?"


Lily sucked in the dark sweet musky taste of the cigar before exhaling with a plume of blue smoke. All three men did the same, god she wanted to choke she hated cigarettes, let alone cigars. But one thing she hated to do was back down, she was playing with the big boys now.

She caught Jon’s nod and smiled “So are you going to make us all some coffee?” Lily asked, she needed it any more wine and she was afraid she’d end up dancing the Macarena right in front of them and that was not going to happen.

Jon snorted “Of course” he said standing, with the way her lips pursed almost into a grin. How could he resist?

She reclined popping the cigar down “I do trust that you have only the best Rock star” she teased. One thing about Jon she figured, he would be a gentleman to the end even if she pushed him. They both knew how to keep their cool to that absolute moment where they couldn’t before losing control.

“Of course. And how do you take it Miss St James? Black or do you prefer a little cream?” his tongue flashed out over his lips for the briefest moment. The tease directed right at her.

Her cheeks threatened to flush, what was it about him? She’d had plenty of men that flirted with her and she’d served them all back with confidence like the beach but now she wasn’t so sure. He radiated sexuality and it was killing her that she found herself wanting a taste.

Lily squirmed just a little on the chair, his baby blues sparking with that little bit of mischief she was not going to be able to resist much longer. “I like my coffee as it comes. Straight up thank you Jon” Just like my men.

“Coming right up” he excused himself to the kitchen shaking his head with a little chuckle.

“Well while all you pussies drink coffee, not you of course Darlin” he threw a wink Lily’s way, “I’m grabbing another beer” he said following Richie out to the kitchen.

Jon went about preparing the coffee machine, he set it to espresso and swung around when Richie came in behind him and hone in on the fridge for another beer. Popping off the top he leaned against the doorframe “Well Jonny, she’s sure something”

Jon grinned and flicked on the machine once he’d poured the fresh grounds in “It’s not like that Rich, she’s not interested” more than I can say for myself.

“Oh come on Jonny, she’s just playing hard to get I’m sure like any girl once she’s alone she wants what they all want” he said wiggling his brow with a smirk.

“She’s not like that Rich, not this one” he said picking out a couple of blue pottery mugs.

“Don’t deny it, you want her in your bed Johnny, god knows you need it, and with those legs and that body I’m sure she can do a few things” he slapped Jon on his back.

“Yeah like crack my nuts” he laughed.

Lily excused herself to the bathroom again this time admiring the classic décor around the place as she went. The black and white pictures that littered the hallway walls were obviously of his children, a boy and a girl. She stared a little longer and smiled, he looked so happy with them, the divorce must have been hard for him.

She freshened up and returned to the living area detouring past the kitchen and hearing the sound of Richie and Jon’s laughter. She was happy to keep going till she heard her name so she stopped obscured from view by Richie who was still in the doorway facing Jon.

“Hell cat maybe Jon, but admit it, you want nothing more than to bang her brains out, and she’s hot!” Richie joked. “And if you don’t you need your head read, and I’ll take a piece of that pie instead bro”

“Of course I do, Richie I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t”

Lily bit her lip feeling the anger burn in her belly, how dare they? The five minutes she’d convinced herself Jon was a gentleman vanished in a poof of smoke. She didn’t wait for a second, she had to get out of her and fast before she lost her cool. I’m so stupid thinking that this could have been anything else, arrogant Rock star he was indeed. She shifted back to where Tico and David were.

“Hey there you are” David said warmly.

She smiled gracefully, at least two of them had freaking manners. “Listen gentlemen I do really need to get going, I’ve just remembered I’ve got an early conference call” she scooped up her shoulder wrap and purse before kissing each one on the cheek. “Thank you so much for your hospitality, it’s been a pleasure” she said and with that she was out the door and on her way home desperate to reach the safe confines of her beach house.

How could he talk like that? And why was she so pissed off about it? Why did she expect anything less? He had done nothing but live up to her expectations. She unlocked her door and slammed it shut behind her. Leaning against the cool wood she closed her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. You hoped he was different didn’t you? She could still feel the touch of his fingers brushing against hers when she gave him the wine.

The warmth of his hand nestled gently on her lower back with the electricity that went with it. No, forget it he’s no different from the rest. And with that the brick wall went back up as she decided to have a bubble bath before bed and wash all thoughts of Jon far away.

Jon settled the two cups on a tray and carefully walked back into the living area to find only David and Tico there alone “Lily in the bathroom?” he asked looking around but the deep frown settling on Tico’s face told him she wasn’t.

“She had to leave, she came back and got her things making some excuse about a conference call in the morning” he explained “Sorry Jonny’

“She’s on vacation though?” this didn’t make sense, everything had been going well and they hadn’t made her feel uncomfortable? More than welcome if anything. She just left without saying goodbye to him? He cursed himself when he felt his heart sink just a little.

“Yup she went to the bathroom came back past the kitchen and left” David said.

Jon looked up at Richie “Oh fuck she overheard the conversation” he swiped Richie across the head “Good one asshole” Fuck, he’d made the small slip around his best friend about her, of course he wanted her but god he’d never say it to her face like that. Shit.

“Hey! You were the one that said you’d do her bro, least she knows that now, if she left because of that, then she’s more uptight than I thought” he snorted.

“And your comment about wanting a piece of her? Jesus Rich” It wasn’t Richie’s fault, but Jon felt better blaming him. He was so out of practice with wooing the ladies he fucked this one up good and well. Putting aside she was a knock out, Jon had felt that she was someone he’d like to have got to know a little better she seemed in the short space of time he got to know her, knew they were alike in many ways.

“Calm down Kidd, just go over there and give her some flowers and apologize and you’ll be good as new” he said with a grin.

Nope, flowers wouldn’t fix this, he was damn sure of it. “No Rich, she’s gone. I have to leave her be” Damn it, fucking damn it. He’d been so stupid. So fucking stupid.

Tico grabbed his shoulder “Just let her calm down, and go and see her tomorrow if you really care that much... You know you always simmer after something so I’m guessing little Lily does the same. Things are always better in the morning” he offered.

He nodded “Maybe I will, how is it I can do this on stage so easily but I can’t do it here, when it matters?” he asked frustrated.

“You know the answer to that one Jonny, you’ve been out of the game along time and your wife did you no favours” Richie said bluntly.

Jon cringed, he was right too. She’d always been so jealous of the female attention off the stage that he’d got he had to learn to dial that part of him down around her for so long and let it all loose on stage.

The night continued into the wee hours of the morning till the guys all crashed, except Jon who lay awake absently in his bed staring at the ceiling. Maybe he just wasn’t ready to move on, and Lily in his mind deserved someone to treat her with respect. If only she hadn’t left just hearing one half of a conversation or given him a chance to explain, she would have heard him tell Richie to snap out of it and him get teased for defending her. Soon thoughts of blond haired, blue eyed girls fell into dreams of what could have been.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The door swung open and Lily’s breath caught in her throat. Holy hell, he didn’t look like that before did he? The man in front of her, now groomed flashed a broad smile her way before offering his hand into the house to come in.

“You must be Lily”

She nodded, his blond hair hung just above shoulders, and the broad chest she tried desperately to keep her eyes off, and then there were the jeans, Oh god, sweet Mary of all things tight. Stop it! Look him in the eye. In the eyes.

“I am, Jon we meet again” she handed him the bottle of wine still grasped in her hand. The light brush of his fingertips against hers caused her to eyes to snap up at his suddenly. There had been a spark? God no, not now.

Jon took the wine and read the label “Excellent choice” she knew her wines. He studied her again. In the light her blond hair was so much lighter and the pink dress that she wore hung snugly around her figure, he tried desperately not to imagine in a pool on his bedroom floor.

“You friend said that we were having steak and lobster, so that will go nicely with the lobster” she said matter of factly.

He laughed “Indeed it will, come in Lily, please make yourself at home and I’ll pour you a glass of wine” he instructed, her body jolted a little when his hand rested lightly on the small of her back leading her inside. Relax, he’s just being a gentleman.

She moved further into the living area where three other men sat, two of which she recognised from earlier. “Evening gentleman” she smiled.

David stood up “Lily, so glad you decided to come, the place needed something bright around here now you’ve met Richie and Jon, and this is Tico, Tico meet Lily St James” he said. Lily smiled with no impulse to snap at this man, there with a sincere gentleness about him.

“Hi Tico, pleased to meet you and thank you for inviting me over” she settled herself down in the spare chair beside Tico and crossed her legs. Jon soon returned with a glass of wine for her. “Thank you Jon” she lifted the glass to her lips and took a small sip “Perfect” she approved relaxing further into the chair.

Lily was soon reintroduced to all the men and the light chatter started while Jon called the nearby restaurant that did deliveries to make sure there was enough for Lily as well. While on hold with the restaurant he glanced over to where David and Tico were talking easily away to her, she was fitting in so well so far. The way she was holding herself confidently and not phased at all by them all had to mean she was used to this, like David said because she didn’t flinch for a second if she knew who they all were. An bubbly infectious laugh made him look up again to see her head tilting back showing off a slender arch of her neck, one that Jon wouldn’t have minded scraping his teeth down.

He revised the order, hung up the phone and walked back to the gathering. “Well dinner will be thirty minutes away” he said proudly.

Lily raised an eyebrow “Ordering in huh?” she teased. She didn’t expect four middle aged men to know how to cook but miracles did happen once and awhile.

“You expect Rock stars to know how to cook?” Richie asked with a lopsided grin.

“Well I can, but Jon knows this little restaurant here that does the best lobster in town, seriously, the kind of stuff that melts in your mouth” he nodded.

There it was. Rock stars. Why hadn’t it hit her before, it hadn’t been familiar to her but now she could see it, she was sitting in a room with Bon Jovi?! Overwhelmed no, pissed off yes. What was this an orgy or something? Remembering David’s words about cheering their friend up because of his recent divorce, shit so this is how they wanted to? Shit, shit shit. What have you done Lily? Determined not to let it show she sucked in her breath and held herself.

“Well how can I refuse something that melts in my mouth?” she asked before realizing exactly how it came out. She slapped her hand hard against her mouth almost feeling her cheeks burn and the laughter of the men rang through the room.

Richie slung his arm around her shoulder “Now this is my kind of girl” Lily quickly shrugged his arm off her “I assure you I’m not that kind of girl” the message was loud and clear. Jon almost tripped on the wine in his mouth, she was so not that kind of girl, hell no. He couldn’t help manage a small smile because of it.

“So Lily what do you do with yourself when you’re not shooting down Rock stars in flames?” Jon asked with a quirk. He’d tempted her to snap back but she didn’t.

“I work in advertising, it’s my fathers company, St James Advertising” she offered.

“Advertising? That must keep you busy” he commented. The same look in her eyes he recognised. Married to the job, dedication above all else had worn her down. Jon leaned back with the glass of wine from the bottle she’d brought. Exceptional taste, she knew her wines and he didn’t doubt she also knew her way around the business world well.

“It does, I run the London office in the summer, and work back in Los Angeles at my father’s office in the winter. It gets busy, but it’s something I’ve always known and loved so in a way it’s not work if that makes sense” she tried to explain. One day she wanted to run her own firm, get away from the family business, her father was an exceptional businessman but he loved control too much. She had a better reign of freedom at the London office which is why she’d considered moving there fulltime more than once.

Jon got her. God did he get her, music was all he’d known his life, and as much as it sucked him dry the best of times, even the politics of it all and the tedious administration, it wasn’t what he considered work, he was damn lucky to have this opportunity and he never complained about it once. Something his ex wife just failed to get.

Offering her a warm smile “I understand more than you know Lily”. Jon relaxed a little as she did, her shoulders relaxing a little. There was certainly more than lurked behind those crystal blue eyes, and Jon intended to find out what.

She curled her hand around the glass tighter, his stare was penetrating her right to her soul, something scared her about that as she’d kept the wall up for so long to exactly guys like this since they were always were only after one thing well two, her father’s attention and sex.

She nodded quietly and took a sip of her wine “So my father had this great idea to ship me off here to his beach house to unwind a little, and here I am” she smiled. So far so good, no uneasy sexual feelings, except for Jon because you’re attracted to him. Shut up, no I’m not.

“I’m doing the same baby” the slip came but he didn’t take it back. He wanted her to be his baby, even if it was just for the night. Damn. His cock completely uncurled when she uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them the other way, letting the pink light material inch slowly up her thighs.

Richie managed a soft chuckle and winked at David, a knowing grin from the Joker, there little plan had worked. Jon was hooked. The light chatter continued and Lily learnt that they were not touring or recording currently, that they’d just come off one. When the dinner arrived she excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up. She washed and dried her hands, fluffed up her hair a bit and leaned back against the door for a second to recompose herself. Every time he looked at her, a slight flush would start to heat in her cheeks and as much as she denied so did a tingle between her legs. What the hell is wrong with me? I haven’t had sex in a long time, that’s all it is. He’s hot, he probably has girls lining up for him all over the place, you don’t need that complication right now Lily.

She recomposed and swung open the door walking out confidently walking straight into him “shit!” she screamed, her heart hammered loudly in her chest and two hands grabbed her arms to brace her to avert falling over.

“Whoa, you ok? Sorry I was just coming to grab a sweater” the infusion of summer and coconuts drifted over him before he let go of her.

She laughed a little more nervously than anything “Its ok, I was on another planet, sorry Jon” the first warm smile slipped from her lips. His eyes held hers before she broke away. “I’ll see you back in there” she said quickly, wanting to not to walk but run away from that moment. Warning bells were going off in her head along with his cologne which was so fresh and spicy.

Three wines later and after a most delectable lobster dinner, she was far more relaxed than she’d hoped but the wine was working its magic. She’d fitted in well with them. Richie was a flirt, she’d established his type, David was hilarious and Tico and sweetheart. Jon was well, Jon. Undecided whether he was hotter than sin and white chocolate wrapped together, or worse if he tasted as good as he smelt.

Tico stood up and picked up the box of Cuban cigars and offered them around, each one of the men taking one but Lily just rolled her eyes when he didn’t offer her one. Men.

Richie snorted “A pretty thing like you wouldn’t want to smoke something like this now would she?” he asked.

No she wouldn’t but she wasn’t about to let them decide what was best for her. That was one thing that didn’t bode well with Lily St James. Men that made decisions for her, because it was best. She got enough of that from her father.

“I would love one Tico” she simply said. The reaction of the three men was almost priceless. Surprised, Tico got back up and offered her the box and then a flame.

Jon watched with a rueful smile she didn’t want to smoke one at all, god they were alike it scared him. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when her lips wrapped tightly around the cigar sucking its smoky pull. He groaned internally, this woman was going to kill him. He wanted those lips, and it wasn’t around that cigar.


Once “Richie and Jon” had left Lily sat a little longer, briefly looking over her shoulder maybe she had been a little harsh towards them?, but she wasn’t in the mood for sloppy pick up lines which clearly they had been. It was growing darker and she knew should really get back to the beach house, but for what? To spend a night alone watching TV? Drinking a bottle of wine from her father’s more than ample collection. Right now that seemed like such a lonely thing to do.

She gathered her things and tied up the leather tote bag and slung it over her shoulder. Straightening her sarong she started to head back towards her house when she caught sight of another figure sauntering towards her from the other beach house. “Oh brother” she muttered, Do they never give up?

She stood and waited for him to get closer before she spoke, nervously she fiddled with the button ring on her middle index finger before her visitor came into view more clearly.

“Excuse me, mind if I sit and sun bleach my curls?” he asked flicking his hair out.

Lily was about to snap back at him but she couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid he sounded. The fact it was almost dark along with the funky looking clothes and hat, that had his tight blond curls peeking out from below it made her giggle. There was something goofy and yet something sweet about him all at the same time. At least he made her laugh this time around, not grated her to her very nerve endings like before.

“Well done, that was much better than the other two” she paid him the compliment with a sly grin.

He bowed “Why thank you, I hear that you gave them a little punch in the balls before, but seriously what’s a girl like you doing all out here alone?” he asked stretching his arms out wide.

The sincerity in his voice was obvious so Lily didn’t bite this time. She sighed instead looking back towards the calming waves. “I’m just here on vacation alone, I needed some time out. That’s all” she explained to him “And you are?” she asked curiously.

“David Bryan, pleased to meet you…” he trailed off waiting for her to respond.

She held her hand out this time “Lily, Lily St James” she replied. David took her hand and brought it to his lips.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lily, I noticed you were just leaving. Are you sure we can’t tempt you to come and have a drink with us? We’ve got plenty of food for dinner and if you’re here alone, you might want some company for a bit, we’re completely harmless really, just four guys all hanging out cheering one of our buddies up who’s just been recently separated.” David explained. She seemed a little lost, or something, David couldn’t quite pick it.

Her eyebrow rose, she had to wonder if it was Richie or Jon that was the one separated, her money was on Jon though with the almost nervous way he tried to talk to her, Richie was too experienced for it to be him, she knew his type well.

She rolled her bottom lip back under her teeth, did she really do this? She could always just leave if she felt uncomfortable, truth be known she was always more comfortable with male company, oddly enough she didn’t have many close girlfriends at all. “There are just four of you? No women?” The term gang rape flashed crossed her mind. Her father would have a fit if he knew she was even considering it, and just that very thought made her decision. “Ok, I’ll come for a little bit, but let me go home and change first” she said. Damn it, she was going to live dangerously for once.

David’s smile widened “Great, I’ll make sure we cook enough lobster and steak for you, we’re just in over there” he said pointing to the house behind him. He couldn’t help but feel a little satisfied he’d been the one to succeed.

She nodded “Ok David, I’ll see you soon” she smiled before walking back in the direction of her house. She was crazy to agree to this but the curiosity of these guys had got to her, and as much as she denied it, the compulsion to see the one named Jon again was there.

She walked all the way back to her beach house and unlocked the door dumping her bag down on the table. Unravelling her sarong she padded to the shower and washed away the sandy remains of the beach. She scrubbed herself down and then dried off, slathering the thick indulgent coconut body butter she always used before slipping into a salmon pink high wasted slip dress that fell just above her knees.

Sliding some silver strappy flat sandals on her feet she completed the look with a chunky silver Indian foil necklace and an oversized turquoise ring. She blow-dried her hair so it fell loosely in waves around her almost bare shoulders and applied a little make up to complete the sun kissed look she had going on before running back downstairs. She had decided to take a bottle of her father’s finest along with her, it was only polite. She then locked the house up and made her way out the door taking a deep breath walking down the road to their beach house. Well here goes nothing.

David walked back to the where all the guys were sitting watching, Richie stood up and hollered out to him “Can’t resist the Joker huh?” he jeered. He just knew it.

David kept control of the smile that was slowly surfacing on his face till he climbed back up to the deck, he took the wine he was previously drinking and lifted it to his lips.

Jon patted him on the back “Told you she was a wild one, not even you could tame her” he shook his head noticing the girl had left the beach, oh well there goes that idea for tonight.

“Lily will be here in thirty minutes” he said proudly waiting to see their reactions.

Richie and Jon just stared at David in horror “Bull shit!” they both exclaimed in unison.

“Lily? You got her name?” Tico snorted.

Jon stood up “How the hell did you get that to happen?, she was pissed man” Lily? Her name was Lily, Jon smiled, and funnily enough it suited her.

David stood between Richie and Jon and put his arms around them “Well unlike you two idiots I didn’t try and pick her up with a smooth line, seems the little lady like a bit of humor, its called being yourself” he winked ruffling Jon’s hair. “You should try it sometime, and besides, just proves I’ve still got it” he teased.

“You’ve fucking kidding me, and she’s coming here?” Richie asked amazed that he’d done it at all. He turned looking at Jon “Dude you need to shower and have a shave”.

Jon rolled his eyes about to spit a retort back at him, but actually he was right, he did look like shit. “I’ll be back in five minutes” Jon said disappearing to the bedroom to do just that.

“I just knew it” Richie said shaking his head when Jon left “he likes her”
He purred.

Tico picked up his beer and took a swig “Well it wouldn’t be the worse thing to happen in the world, god knows he needs something to perk him up and sounds like this one’s a little fire ball, so I’m looking to meeting her, how on earth did you get here to agree to come here?” he asked David.

“She’s out here alone, vacation from work, and dinner with four guys what more could you want?” he took a long sip of his wine “I don’t think she knows who we are either, well if she did it certainly didn’t show” he replied.

Jon quickly showered and then shaved quickly careful not to cut himself, he slapped on some cologne on his cheeks and hissed when it burnt him “Shit!” he muttered. Toeing on some jeans and chose a navy pinstripe button down shirt leaving it a few buttons open at the top and then towel dried his hair leaving it to fall down his shoulders before heading back downstairs.

When he raced past David, he started to make feeble choking sounds. “Now I know what sunk the Titanic and it wasn’t an iceberg” he said fanning his hand frantically.

“Fuck you Joker” he scoffed.

Richie let a wolf whistle fall from his lips “Looking good man, niceeee” Richie gave him the thumbs up. Why the hell did he feel like this was the first date or something? It was ridiculous.

“This so reminds me of back when we’d invite a girl back to the hotel room, between us all” Richie added remembering many a wild night.

Jon spun around quickly “Well that’s not happening here, we’re too old for that shit, I don’t want to see your naked wrinkly body and she’s most definitely not that kind of girl” he warned surprised at the defence in his voice.

David gave Tico a knowing look and Richie just laughed “I damn knew it”.

Jon didn’t have a chance to think much further when the doorbell chimed “Best behaviour now boys” he warned walking towards the door. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes to compose himself and opened the door.


Jon walked further down the beach to where the mystery woman was still sitting quietly. Her blond hair was whipping out behind her, her eyes still firmly fixated on the ocean in front of her. The slight darkness of the night was settling in, but even as a silhouetted figure Jon could see she was gorgeous. God I’m crazy to be out here doing this.

“Ah, excuse me m’am” he said quietly over the still night, just him and the sound of the waves still crashing on the sand in front of them.

She remained still and Jon could see her eyes were closed so he leant over and tapped her on the shoulder to have the shock of her bolting upwards and screaming, he jumped a mile back and held his hands up “I’m so sorry, shit...” then he saw the ear bud dangling from one side of her head, she hadn’t been able to hear him! “I didn’t see you were playing music, I’m so sorry I snuck up on you” he said apologetically, he glanced briefly back to the beach house where he could see movement on his deck, no doubt they would be having a field day over this. He could just see it all now.

Lily stood startled, her heart hammered loudly against her chest as she took in her assailed attacker, “Good God that gave me a fright” she said holding her hand to her chest. Simon and Garfunkel had made her drift away to a place where she needed to be and in doing so had lost all consciousness of anything around her.

Jon managed a chuckle “I’m so sorry, seriously I didn’t see the earphones” he said honestly. His eyes travelled down her sculpted body, the lemon sarong wrapped tight around her waist showing off her flat stomach, the black bikini top thwt holding in her fully rounded breasts was littered with waves of blond hair that sprinkled across her shoulders. Jon bit his lip trying to stay on her eyes which in the twilight he couldn’t tell what color they were.

Lily studied him carefully, just above the impending night sky she could make out his shaggy blond hair that framed his masculine jaw line. Skinny legs led up to a better framed body. Not bad.

“Well you weren’t to know” she said off handily “Was there something I can help you with?” she asked wondering what he was doing out here.

“Well I just wondered if you were ok out here, it’s getting dark, and you’re a woman, alone… on the beach” he stuttered out. Good fuck? What was he seventeen again? He couldn’t even string together a decent pick up line.

Lily rolled her eyes, he probably genuinely was a nice guy but the attempt at god knows what that came out of his mouth annoyed her. “Thank you Captain Obvious” she ran her hand through her hair and huffed “I’m just fine really no need to come out with the white knight routine” she snapped a little more than she intended.

Jon was taken aback, she was a fireball and who obviously did not appreciate being disturbed. “Well as long as you’re ok, I’m just in the house up there if you needed anything” he offered he went to walk off but stopped and turned “Jon, the name’s Jon” he said softly waiting to see if she would respond but the ice still evident in her gaze told him that wasn’t about to happen.

Lily almost gave her admission giving him her name but she stopped herself “Thank you Jon, but I am doing just peachy”. She sat back down in the sand and couldn’t help but watch him saunter away, almost defeated. She’d been a right bitch to him but she had been taken so off guard and been out of social situations for so long now, she’d forgotten how to talk to a man if it wasn’t about business. Good one Lily.

Richie, David and Tico watched as Jon came back alone “SHOT DOWN!” Richie laughed high-fiving David with laughter “Couldn’t get her here huh?” Richie teased.

Jon flipped him his middle finger “Fuck you man, I gave her a fright, she was listening to music, so she was pissed, I don’t think she’s going to come back with either one of us” he predicted.

Richie rubbed his hands together “We’ll see about that one, besides, you haven’t shaved or showered so you look ugly as fuck, me however she won’t be able to resist that Sambora charm” he said getting ready to climb the steps down to the beach.

Jon scratched his chin the reminder of his less than perfect grooming regime of late rubbing against the pads of his fingers. He shook his head “She was pissed man, he’ll come back alone” Jon said to Tico and David.

“She was pretty though wasn’t she? And the fact that she didn’t fall all over you has only made her more attractive hasn’t it?” Tico asked knowing how Jon’s mind too often worked with women.

“No, she was just rude” Jon tried to convince them but Tico was right, she wasn’t only insanely attractive from what he could tell, she was someone that didn’t take shit and wasn’t overwhelmed with who he was, if she even could gather than in the light.

Richie bounced up the beach where she’d sat back down, she looked like she was starting to pack up her bag. Perfect.

He walked slowly making sure to make a sound so she wasn’t startled, when she turned back at him he grinned “Now what’s a pretty young thing doing all the way out here alone, you should be inside with us, having fun, who knows where that may lead to Darlin” he smoothed flashing her an even bigger Sambora smile, one of his specialities.

Lily looked up startled at the tall man with dark features, he was tall alright had dark brown hair just about to his shoulders and was broad chested. She raised a thin brow in his direction.

“What in god’s name? I don’t think so” she chuckled. The tone in which he spoke told her that this was how he operated, a smooth talker. She knew the type. She stood from her towel. “And then what, you’re going to take me back and make passionate loooove to me all night long right stud?” she drawled.

Richie stood gob smacked “Um, well Darlin I was hoping that you would come back to the beach house for a drink with me and my friends, seems a shame to put such a nice summers night to waste” he said shifting his feet in the sand.

She turned back and looked behind his shoulder to see a beach house in the distance, it was a private part of the beach with only a couple of houses around, one including her fathers. “You're with the other guy, Jon?” she asked him figuring he must have been from the nearby house.

“Yeah, I’m Richie Darlin, pleased to meet you” he held his hand out to her, but she didn’t offer hers back, she crossed her arms the glint of the over sized ring on her right hand catching Richie’s eye. She stood still eyeing him up and down calculating in her mind what to do next. Okay, he was good looking but in a more non obvious way than his blond friend.

She twisted her lips before responding digging her heels into the sand, “Why don’t you go back to your little house and tell your little friend that I’m not interested and can’t a girl just enjoy the beach without being harassed?” she asked. She knew his type, always smooth with the ladies she had no doubt, probably a nice guy as well but she just wasn’t interested.

Richie backed away, clearly she wasn’t happy about being interrupted. “Okay, but if you change your mind”

“I won’t” she snapped “Now please leave, I was just about to” she said resuming her position sitting down.

Richie nodded and left her to it, holy shit she was a hellcat, damn pretty looking one at that. He walked up to the beach house where the guys were waiting, Jon’s grin spread wider when he approached.

“Told you she was a fire cracker didn’t I?” Jon said proudly, secretly glad that Richie couldn’t charm her either, if anyone charmed her, Jon found himself wanting it to be him. Something about her, her cool exterior he knew had to be just a front, he was all too capable of that himself, so he would rise to the challenge to crack it. Oh yes he would.

Richie let out a long whistle “You don’t fuck with her, she’s a bombshell, but fuck me if she’d rip my balls off with one false move” he joked quickly glancing back out there.

David stood up “You two are pathetic, I bet you used corny ass lines on her and she shot you down, she obviously has some class, watch and learn boys, watch and learn” David said descending the stairs. Determined to show them that the Joker still had it, he headed off.

“You can’t be serious?” Jon asked him, “she’ll eat you alive man” he warned but David was already making inroads in the sand towards the still mystery woman.


Lily St.James stood eyes closed and her arms out relishing the warm summer breeze that whipped off the ocean across her body. She curled her toes into the sand feeling the heat from beneath and also above from the sun’s gentle rays. Finally she felt free and could breathe through the bone crushing stress that had consumed the last few months of her life.

She opened her eyes and plopped down in the sand still facing the ocean. There was always something so relaxing about the way the ocean lapped up against the beach, the rich salty smell and the soothing sound of the water’s turbulence rising onto the sand.

She adjusted her sunglasses and leaned back with her palms flat on the soft sand behind her. Three hell bent months of work finally with a reprieve only because her father had demanded it for her wellbeing. Lily had been working for five years now for St James Advertising which was owned by her father. She’d started just helping out on weekends with her mother after college but once she’d passed away almost five years ago, Lily had taken over her mother’s role in running the London office.

She’d end up spending the summer in London and the winter back in Los Angeles at the head office her father ran. It was a ruthless high profile business but Lily was not only used to it, she was good at it too. The problem was that’s all she did, her life for the last five years since her mother’s death had been about work. Determined to carry on the strong reputable work her mother had done building the London office from nothing, she’d buried herself so deep until her father finally could see what it was doing to her, and promptly sent her to their beach house here across the country in the Hamptons.

Years had been filled with countless nights of client smoozing over dinners, it was her speciality and her father was forever grateful she could charm just like her mother did. She was an attractive woman who stood around five foot seven, blessed with long wavy sun drenched blond hair and with a curvaceous figure male attention never went astray but she just wasn’t interested nor did she have the time. Most of the guys who ever had taken her our, had only wanted to end up working at the firm, getting to know her father not her. Lily wasn’t even sure she knew who she was anymore.

She sighed pulling her book from the tote bag she’d brought out and opened on the page she’d folded a corner over to bookmark and started to read. It was time to unwind relax and not be bothered by anything except the cool ocean breeze and warbling cries of the gulls above her.


The three men stood holding their gaze to the solitary woman on the beach. Richie snorted, “Well just one problem, one of her and two of us that are available”

David rolled his eyes “Oh right and what do you propose?” he asked meeting the tall man’s brown eyes.

“He proposes that we leave her alone, she’s obviously trying to relax” Jon pointed out still secretly captivated by her. Although she was still some distance away Jon could almost smell the sweet scent of her across the sea breeze.

“Oh now come on man, that’s no fun. You’re just chicken shit that you can’t pick up the ladies after all this time” Richie teased, his eyes dancing with mischief.

Jon smiled wryly “Oh yeah I’m sure that I can” he said shaking his head, Richie even after all this time still knew how to get him cranked up, its what he did best.

“Here we go” David replied knowing once Jon and Richie started it didn’t end well, thankfully they didn’t still punch each other out like back in the day.

“What are you babies crying about now?” a deep gravely voice intruded the deck.

Jon looked up to see the final piece of the Bon Jovi puzzle had arrived, Tico his loyal drummer and also long time friend was here. Built solid and burly, with biceps that could shatter bones the Cuban man was well aged like the rest of them.

“These two” David said jerking his thumb in Jon and Richie’s direction “are arguing about woman” David laughed when Tico rolled his eyes, ever familiar with the sight of Jon and Richie acting like teenagers. It just hadn’t been lately with Jon being happily married and now separated.

Tico laid down a box of the finest Cuban cigars on the table that was now plentiful with alcohol. “Something for a little later, to celebrate your freedom Jonny” he winked.

Jon nodded “Sounds like a plan Teek” he patted his shoulder “Glad you’re here” Tico nodded as brown eyes met blue. The distant subdued look still shone in Jon’s eyes. Tico had organised this weekend after seeing how withdrawn Jon was, Jon was their leader who was always in control and never let his emotion overrule anything else till this.

“Would miss it for the world” Tico replied.

Richie turned to David “Did you hire those strippers?” he asked hopefully. In jest Richie and David had talked about it as a surprise for Jon but he’d decided against it in the end.

Jon just about choked on his whiskey feeling the rich liquid almost burn his nostrils “You didn’t?” he asked wide eyed with a cough.

David’s eyes gleamed “Well we were but I decided against it, I’m sure our other significant others would just love to know we were having strippers here” he chortled.

Richie swung his hand in disappointment “Man, I was hoping we’d get that chick back, the one with the ping pong balls”

“Oh god, Richie that was ten years ago, she’d be like thirty, forty now” Jon laughed.

“I’m sure she had an apprentice or something that was some trick” his brows wavered along with the mischievous smirk that spread along his lips. “See this is what you miss out on when you’re married Jon” he hooked his arm around Jon and gripped his shoulder winking at Tico and David.

Groans and deep male laughter filled the beach house as three men attempted to cheer up their brother. A couple of hours later after a few rounds of whiskey and drops of wine they sat relaxed on the deck, the sunset slowly was descending across the late summer’s sky stretching out its amber, red and purple hues.

The woman on the beach had been long forgotten until Richie motioned out to the almost deserted area. “Hey she’s still out there? Do you think she’s ok?” he asked sitting forward and squinting.

Jon cast his eyes where Richie was looking and sure enough the lone figure still sat there against the backdrop of what was now becoming an amazing sunset. “So she is, maybe she’s just enjoying the beach” he commented.

“Remember when we used to see who could woo the woman?” Richie asked Jon seeing if he was up for a bit of competition to take his mind off his problems for a little while.

Jon’s eyebrow quirked high “Oh I see, up for a little competition there Sambora?” Jon rubbed his hands together. Usually he would step aside in Richie’s little conquests but that was when he was married and something was so oddly intriguing about this woman, he needed to know.

“Oh good god, you’re not” David snorted but the all too familiar sparkle in their eyes told him it was on.

“Whoever can get her back here for a drink with us all, wins” Richie mused stroking his chin.

“Deal” Jon said accepting the challenge folding his arms. Admittedly he was out of practice off the stage to woman but he did have that natural charisma that he was sure would win her over.

“I’m in too” David said rising to the challenge. The three men looked at him surprised, Tico and David were both married.

“Hey, it’s just some fun, and no-one can resist the charm of the Joker” he winked.

“Fine, you all know I will win anyway, now how do we decide who goes first?” Richie asked.

“Uh I think he does” Tico said pointing to where Jon had already walked off the deck and onto the beach.

“Hey!” Richie called but Jon held his hand up in the air and kept walking.

David sat back on the chair propping his feet up on the railing “Well this should be interesting”.


“Well who looks like they just got their cock cut off then?” a voice came followed by heavy footsteps onto the wooden decking.

Jon snorted and didn’t turn around his eyes still roaming along the golden sand that stretched out before him under the fading summer sun. “Just enjoying the view Rich” he said pulling up his sunglasses to rest on his head. He didn’t need to look to know that it was his long time best friend’s voice interrupting his dark mood.

Richie dumped the bags down on the deck which made a thud and then a tinkle, the undeniable sound of alcohol bottles nestled in the bags as this is what this weekend was all about. “Well fuck the view, unless you’re looking at a pretty looking young thing wearing next to nothing, I can buy you a postcard” Richie shifted his weight dropping down into the deck chair. God, Tico had been right, he was a sad sack of shit. It had been time to call in the cavalry, their best friend and leader desperately needed a slice away from reality.

Jon managed a smile at Richie’s attempt to make him laugh, he always knew how to bring the lighter side out. Richie was his ying to his yang in so many ways. Freshly separated from his wife and destroyed from a good year of touring he was tired. He was done. “Thanks Rich for coming, you know I appreciate it man” Jon said glancing over at his friend who’d now stretched out with his long legs and propping his hands up behind his head.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, besides your beach house has a bigger TV than mine” Richie jested. He twisted and met Jon’s eyes. Normally bright blue and full of life and ideas, they were dull and almost lifeless. Week old stubble graced his jaw line and black rings threatened under his eyes, Richie figured he’d not been sleeping, even though Jon had told David, Tico and Richie he was fine.

They’d known better and all decided to come and retreat for a bachelor’s weekend at Jon’s beach house here in the Hamptons where he’d been holed up for the past week supposedly doing paper work but even Richie could see there wasn’t a scrap of paper work around. All that lay in the spacious living area was his guitar a pack of smokes and a half a bottle of Jack.

Jon didn’t reply again his eyes turning to the sandy miles that lay before him. Always one to joke was his Rich, but secretly Jon was glad he was here. The last week he’d lived in solitude trying to make sense of what had happened and where it all had gone wrong. Most of all he wondered why he didn’t pick up the warning signs before it was too late. It was because he’d too wrapped up in his own world again, so busy to make sure everything was perfect when he forgot about the one thing that was more important than everything else that hadn’t been going perfect. His marriage.

The sound of the doorbell interrupted his thoughts as he stood up shook his board shorts and adjusted the navy blue polo shirt he was wearing. “Least they knock” he teased Richie before padding to the door in bare feet.

Jon opened the door and rolled his eyes, there stood his keyboardist and long time friend often known for his antics dressed in board shorts a bright printed Hawaiian shirt and cowboy hat possibly squashing his already tight blond curls. He truly was a sight for sore eyes.

“Surf’s up and the entertainment has now arrived” David Bryan grinned proudly holding up two bottles of wine in each of his hands.

“Jesus David, how many children did you blind in that shirt” Jon blinked through the montage of yellow, green and blue blinding his eyes. He as well have been wearing a neon flashing sign over his head it was that loud.

David waltzed in “better than looking like I just crawled out of bed” he turned back and faced Jon “three days ago”.

Jon flicked his middle finger his way and rolled his eyes. “Always count on you to tell me straight Joker” Jon said as the two men walked back towards the deck.

“No that’s Richie’s job, he’s the one that tells you straight, and I’m just here to annoy the living crap out of you” his blue eyes shined with laughter as he patted Jon on the back. David’s brow shot up surveying the scene in front of him.

“What? No drink, King has been here for more than five minutes and there are no drinks? Losing your touch man” David said to Richie dumping his own gear down on the floor.

Richie laughed “Fuck you, I was enjoying the ‘view’” Richie mimicked Jon’s earlier excuse using an air quote with his fingers.

David shook his head “View? Unless there’s a bikini clad blond out there” he looked over Richie’s shoulder to a seemingly empty beach “which there is not, there’s no view” he declared.

“Precisely Dave, precisely” Richie slapped him on the back “Good to see we think the same after all these years”

“Alright asshole, enough now is someone going to pour me a drink or do I have to do that myself?” Jon asked the two men. Almost impatient he wanted to get his weekend started and his mind away from anything that based around reality.

“Now that’s the Jon we know” Richie grinned pulling out numerous bottles from the sports bag on the deck and lining them up on the table. “What’s your poison?” he asked Jon.

Anything that dulls the pain. “Uh just pour me a Whiskey, I see you’ve bought our good friend Johnnie along” watching Richie lift the bottle of Johnnie Walker out placing it along side the others.

“You got it boss, Teek should be here soon and we can get this bad boy started” he said walking back inside to grab a couple of lowball glasses and a wine glass for David.

Jon scratched his chin, his fingers scraping against the stubble staring back out to the beach. There was something soothing about looking at a beach, and an empty one seemed so serene yet eerie all at the same time. It was then his gaze shifted to a lone slender figure drifting along looking like she had not a care in the world kicking the sand under her feet as she walked, he watched until she dropped her bag and stand with her arms stretched out facing the water and stood, head back enjoying the sea breeze.

“Well hello” he mused.

David was about to ask who he was taking to when he caught sight of the woman on the beach that held Jon’s gaze. David could just make out her long blond wavy hair that was being assaulted by the sea breeze and of course her shapely figure wrapped in a lemon sarong with a skimpy black bikini top.

“Hello indeed” David agreed letting out a long whistle.

“What? What did I miss?” Richie asked returning with the glasses joining Jon and David‘s stare. What the fuck are you two staring at?

“That is what you missed, seems there is a view after all” David laughed.