Thursday, September 18, 2008


Once “Richie and Jon” had left Lily sat a little longer, briefly looking over her shoulder maybe she had been a little harsh towards them?, but she wasn’t in the mood for sloppy pick up lines which clearly they had been. It was growing darker and she knew should really get back to the beach house, but for what? To spend a night alone watching TV? Drinking a bottle of wine from her father’s more than ample collection. Right now that seemed like such a lonely thing to do.

She gathered her things and tied up the leather tote bag and slung it over her shoulder. Straightening her sarong she started to head back towards her house when she caught sight of another figure sauntering towards her from the other beach house. “Oh brother” she muttered, Do they never give up?

She stood and waited for him to get closer before she spoke, nervously she fiddled with the button ring on her middle index finger before her visitor came into view more clearly.

“Excuse me, mind if I sit and sun bleach my curls?” he asked flicking his hair out.

Lily was about to snap back at him but she couldn’t help but laugh at how stupid he sounded. The fact it was almost dark along with the funky looking clothes and hat, that had his tight blond curls peeking out from below it made her giggle. There was something goofy and yet something sweet about him all at the same time. At least he made her laugh this time around, not grated her to her very nerve endings like before.

“Well done, that was much better than the other two” she paid him the compliment with a sly grin.

He bowed “Why thank you, I hear that you gave them a little punch in the balls before, but seriously what’s a girl like you doing all out here alone?” he asked stretching his arms out wide.

The sincerity in his voice was obvious so Lily didn’t bite this time. She sighed instead looking back towards the calming waves. “I’m just here on vacation alone, I needed some time out. That’s all” she explained to him “And you are?” she asked curiously.

“David Bryan, pleased to meet you…” he trailed off waiting for her to respond.

She held her hand out this time “Lily, Lily St James” she replied. David took her hand and brought it to his lips.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Lily, I noticed you were just leaving. Are you sure we can’t tempt you to come and have a drink with us? We’ve got plenty of food for dinner and if you’re here alone, you might want some company for a bit, we’re completely harmless really, just four guys all hanging out cheering one of our buddies up who’s just been recently separated.” David explained. She seemed a little lost, or something, David couldn’t quite pick it.

Her eyebrow rose, she had to wonder if it was Richie or Jon that was the one separated, her money was on Jon though with the almost nervous way he tried to talk to her, Richie was too experienced for it to be him, she knew his type well.

She rolled her bottom lip back under her teeth, did she really do this? She could always just leave if she felt uncomfortable, truth be known she was always more comfortable with male company, oddly enough she didn’t have many close girlfriends at all. “There are just four of you? No women?” The term gang rape flashed crossed her mind. Her father would have a fit if he knew she was even considering it, and just that very thought made her decision. “Ok, I’ll come for a little bit, but let me go home and change first” she said. Damn it, she was going to live dangerously for once.

David’s smile widened “Great, I’ll make sure we cook enough lobster and steak for you, we’re just in over there” he said pointing to the house behind him. He couldn’t help but feel a little satisfied he’d been the one to succeed.

She nodded “Ok David, I’ll see you soon” she smiled before walking back in the direction of her house. She was crazy to agree to this but the curiosity of these guys had got to her, and as much as she denied it, the compulsion to see the one named Jon again was there.

She walked all the way back to her beach house and unlocked the door dumping her bag down on the table. Unravelling her sarong she padded to the shower and washed away the sandy remains of the beach. She scrubbed herself down and then dried off, slathering the thick indulgent coconut body butter she always used before slipping into a salmon pink high wasted slip dress that fell just above her knees.

Sliding some silver strappy flat sandals on her feet she completed the look with a chunky silver Indian foil necklace and an oversized turquoise ring. She blow-dried her hair so it fell loosely in waves around her almost bare shoulders and applied a little make up to complete the sun kissed look she had going on before running back downstairs. She had decided to take a bottle of her father’s finest along with her, it was only polite. She then locked the house up and made her way out the door taking a deep breath walking down the road to their beach house. Well here goes nothing.

David walked back to the where all the guys were sitting watching, Richie stood up and hollered out to him “Can’t resist the Joker huh?” he jeered. He just knew it.

David kept control of the smile that was slowly surfacing on his face till he climbed back up to the deck, he took the wine he was previously drinking and lifted it to his lips.

Jon patted him on the back “Told you she was a wild one, not even you could tame her” he shook his head noticing the girl had left the beach, oh well there goes that idea for tonight.

“Lily will be here in thirty minutes” he said proudly waiting to see their reactions.

Richie and Jon just stared at David in horror “Bull shit!” they both exclaimed in unison.

“Lily? You got her name?” Tico snorted.

Jon stood up “How the hell did you get that to happen?, she was pissed man” Lily? Her name was Lily, Jon smiled, and funnily enough it suited her.

David stood between Richie and Jon and put his arms around them “Well unlike you two idiots I didn’t try and pick her up with a smooth line, seems the little lady like a bit of humor, its called being yourself” he winked ruffling Jon’s hair. “You should try it sometime, and besides, just proves I’ve still got it” he teased.

“You’ve fucking kidding me, and she’s coming here?” Richie asked amazed that he’d done it at all. He turned looking at Jon “Dude you need to shower and have a shave”.

Jon rolled his eyes about to spit a retort back at him, but actually he was right, he did look like shit. “I’ll be back in five minutes” Jon said disappearing to the bedroom to do just that.

“I just knew it” Richie said shaking his head when Jon left “he likes her”
He purred.

Tico picked up his beer and took a swig “Well it wouldn’t be the worse thing to happen in the world, god knows he needs something to perk him up and sounds like this one’s a little fire ball, so I’m looking to meeting her, how on earth did you get here to agree to come here?” he asked David.

“She’s out here alone, vacation from work, and dinner with four guys what more could you want?” he took a long sip of his wine “I don’t think she knows who we are either, well if she did it certainly didn’t show” he replied.

Jon quickly showered and then shaved quickly careful not to cut himself, he slapped on some cologne on his cheeks and hissed when it burnt him “Shit!” he muttered. Toeing on some jeans and chose a navy pinstripe button down shirt leaving it a few buttons open at the top and then towel dried his hair leaving it to fall down his shoulders before heading back downstairs.

When he raced past David, he started to make feeble choking sounds. “Now I know what sunk the Titanic and it wasn’t an iceberg” he said fanning his hand frantically.

“Fuck you Joker” he scoffed.

Richie let a wolf whistle fall from his lips “Looking good man, niceeee” Richie gave him the thumbs up. Why the hell did he feel like this was the first date or something? It was ridiculous.

“This so reminds me of back when we’d invite a girl back to the hotel room, between us all” Richie added remembering many a wild night.

Jon spun around quickly “Well that’s not happening here, we’re too old for that shit, I don’t want to see your naked wrinkly body and she’s most definitely not that kind of girl” he warned surprised at the defence in his voice.

David gave Tico a knowing look and Richie just laughed “I damn knew it”.

Jon didn’t have a chance to think much further when the doorbell chimed “Best behaviour now boys” he warned walking towards the door. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes to compose himself and opened the door.


Sunstreaked said...

"Lily will be here in thirty minutes” he said proudly waiting to see their reactions.

Richie and Jon just stared at David in horror “Bull shit!” they both exclaimed in unison.
OMG! That was too funny, laugh out loud, glad-I-wasn't-drinking anything funny!

Great chapter!