Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lily sucked in the dark sweet musky taste of the cigar before exhaling with a plume of blue smoke. All three men did the same, god she wanted to choke she hated cigarettes, let alone cigars. But one thing she hated to do was back down, she was playing with the big boys now.

She caught Jon’s nod and smiled “So are you going to make us all some coffee?” Lily asked, she needed it any more wine and she was afraid she’d end up dancing the Macarena right in front of them and that was not going to happen.

Jon snorted “Of course” he said standing, with the way her lips pursed almost into a grin. How could he resist?

She reclined popping the cigar down “I do trust that you have only the best Rock star” she teased. One thing about Jon she figured, he would be a gentleman to the end even if she pushed him. They both knew how to keep their cool to that absolute moment where they couldn’t before losing control.

“Of course. And how do you take it Miss St James? Black or do you prefer a little cream?” his tongue flashed out over his lips for the briefest moment. The tease directed right at her.

Her cheeks threatened to flush, what was it about him? She’d had plenty of men that flirted with her and she’d served them all back with confidence like the beach but now she wasn’t so sure. He radiated sexuality and it was killing her that she found herself wanting a taste.

Lily squirmed just a little on the chair, his baby blues sparking with that little bit of mischief she was not going to be able to resist much longer. “I like my coffee as it comes. Straight up thank you Jon” Just like my men.

“Coming right up” he excused himself to the kitchen shaking his head with a little chuckle.

“Well while all you pussies drink coffee, not you of course Darlin” he threw a wink Lily’s way, “I’m grabbing another beer” he said following Richie out to the kitchen.

Jon went about preparing the coffee machine, he set it to espresso and swung around when Richie came in behind him and hone in on the fridge for another beer. Popping off the top he leaned against the doorframe “Well Jonny, she’s sure something”

Jon grinned and flicked on the machine once he’d poured the fresh grounds in “It’s not like that Rich, she’s not interested” more than I can say for myself.

“Oh come on Jonny, she’s just playing hard to get I’m sure like any girl once she’s alone she wants what they all want” he said wiggling his brow with a smirk.

“She’s not like that Rich, not this one” he said picking out a couple of blue pottery mugs.

“Don’t deny it, you want her in your bed Johnny, god knows you need it, and with those legs and that body I’m sure she can do a few things” he slapped Jon on his back.

“Yeah like crack my nuts” he laughed.

Lily excused herself to the bathroom again this time admiring the classic d├ęcor around the place as she went. The black and white pictures that littered the hallway walls were obviously of his children, a boy and a girl. She stared a little longer and smiled, he looked so happy with them, the divorce must have been hard for him.

She freshened up and returned to the living area detouring past the kitchen and hearing the sound of Richie and Jon’s laughter. She was happy to keep going till she heard her name so she stopped obscured from view by Richie who was still in the doorway facing Jon.

“Hell cat maybe Jon, but admit it, you want nothing more than to bang her brains out, and she’s hot!” Richie joked. “And if you don’t you need your head read, and I’ll take a piece of that pie instead bro”

“Of course I do, Richie I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t”

Lily bit her lip feeling the anger burn in her belly, how dare they? The five minutes she’d convinced herself Jon was a gentleman vanished in a poof of smoke. She didn’t wait for a second, she had to get out of her and fast before she lost her cool. I’m so stupid thinking that this could have been anything else, arrogant Rock star he was indeed. She shifted back to where Tico and David were.

“Hey there you are” David said warmly.

She smiled gracefully, at least two of them had freaking manners. “Listen gentlemen I do really need to get going, I’ve just remembered I’ve got an early conference call” she scooped up her shoulder wrap and purse before kissing each one on the cheek. “Thank you so much for your hospitality, it’s been a pleasure” she said and with that she was out the door and on her way home desperate to reach the safe confines of her beach house.

How could he talk like that? And why was she so pissed off about it? Why did she expect anything less? He had done nothing but live up to her expectations. She unlocked her door and slammed it shut behind her. Leaning against the cool wood she closed her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. You hoped he was different didn’t you? She could still feel the touch of his fingers brushing against hers when she gave him the wine.

The warmth of his hand nestled gently on her lower back with the electricity that went with it. No, forget it he’s no different from the rest. And with that the brick wall went back up as she decided to have a bubble bath before bed and wash all thoughts of Jon far away.

Jon settled the two cups on a tray and carefully walked back into the living area to find only David and Tico there alone “Lily in the bathroom?” he asked looking around but the deep frown settling on Tico’s face told him she wasn’t.

“She had to leave, she came back and got her things making some excuse about a conference call in the morning” he explained “Sorry Jonny’

“She’s on vacation though?” this didn’t make sense, everything had been going well and they hadn’t made her feel uncomfortable? More than welcome if anything. She just left without saying goodbye to him? He cursed himself when he felt his heart sink just a little.

“Yup she went to the bathroom came back past the kitchen and left” David said.

Jon looked up at Richie “Oh fuck she overheard the conversation” he swiped Richie across the head “Good one asshole” Fuck, he’d made the small slip around his best friend about her, of course he wanted her but god he’d never say it to her face like that. Shit.

“Hey! You were the one that said you’d do her bro, least she knows that now, if she left because of that, then she’s more uptight than I thought” he snorted.

“And your comment about wanting a piece of her? Jesus Rich” It wasn’t Richie’s fault, but Jon felt better blaming him. He was so out of practice with wooing the ladies he fucked this one up good and well. Putting aside she was a knock out, Jon had felt that she was someone he’d like to have got to know a little better she seemed in the short space of time he got to know her, knew they were alike in many ways.

“Calm down Kidd, just go over there and give her some flowers and apologize and you’ll be good as new” he said with a grin.

Nope, flowers wouldn’t fix this, he was damn sure of it. “No Rich, she’s gone. I have to leave her be” Damn it, fucking damn it. He’d been so stupid. So fucking stupid.

Tico grabbed his shoulder “Just let her calm down, and go and see her tomorrow if you really care that much... You know you always simmer after something so I’m guessing little Lily does the same. Things are always better in the morning” he offered.

He nodded “Maybe I will, how is it I can do this on stage so easily but I can’t do it here, when it matters?” he asked frustrated.

“You know the answer to that one Jonny, you’ve been out of the game along time and your wife did you no favours” Richie said bluntly.

Jon cringed, he was right too. She’d always been so jealous of the female attention off the stage that he’d got he had to learn to dial that part of him down around her for so long and let it all loose on stage.

The night continued into the wee hours of the morning till the guys all crashed, except Jon who lay awake absently in his bed staring at the ceiling. Maybe he just wasn’t ready to move on, and Lily in his mind deserved someone to treat her with respect. If only she hadn’t left just hearing one half of a conversation or given him a chance to explain, she would have heard him tell Richie to snap out of it and him get teased for defending her. Soon thoughts of blond haired, blue eyed girls fell into dreams of what could have been.


Sunstreaked said...

I swear I could just SEE Jon swiping Richie across the back of his head!

Lily sounds like she's been hurt or used and Jon is gonna have to tread carefully.