Tuesday, September 30, 2008


She fetched a mop and bucket from the laundry and adjusted her towel before heading back to the bathroom . This was crazy, absolutely crazy. She had to wonder if Jon actually did know anything about plumbing or he was just trying to impress her.

“Men” she scoffed always think they can do everything. She shook her head and laughed a little before piling her now sopping wet hair in a loose ponytail. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him, now standing only clad in a towel that was slung low on his hips showing off what could only be described as a most delectable body. Oh Sweet Lord.

“Ah mops here” she quickly said handing it to him trying desperately not to stare but the “v” that inched down into the towel was just...shit. Flat tummy and rock hard abs had her gripping the mop hard around the handle scared that her hand would reach out and touch it on its own merit.

“Thanks Lily, I’m so sorry about this. I’ll clean it up straight away, where do you want me to put my clothes?” he asked picking up the pile off the ground. He swallowed hard when he turned to her; she was in just a towel as well for fuck’s sake.

If any man deserved a medal for not giving into his impulses it was him. One rip of that towel and he’d have her all completely, possibly rewarded with a slap around the face too he’d just bet.

“I’ll take them Jon” she said accepting the pile of clothes, heavy from water saturation. He turned away from her and started to mop up the water off the floor trying to concentrate on anything but her in that towel.

She paused for a moment admiring his hips swivel with the action. Christ, this was just too much. She fled the bathroom and carrying his clothes to the dryer, the urge to smell them was clawing at her like a wildcat. She lifted his shirt to her nose and breathed in the scent of sweet musky cologne mixed with waterlogged clothing and sighed. You need help, serious help girl. Jesus.

Once the clothes were drying she headed back to her room to change. This time she just slid on a well worn pair of jeans and a tight red tank top before padding back to the bathroom.

“All done” he said proudly wringing the mop out and then reclining back against the door frame. The beads of water still trickled down that tight chest. Good fuck how much she just wanted to.. By instinct she felt her tongue flicker out and lick her lips.

“Thank you Jon. I do appreciate it even if you didn’t know what you were doing” she teased with a half hearted laugh.

“Hey! I knew...I just didn’t...ok I had no idea what I was doing, I’ll admit it” he said shifting closer to her. There he said it. His patience was running thin, and he needed her. His eyes locked with hers when he reached out and tucked a wet strand of her hair behind her ear. The silence in the room became heavy and the only sound between them was the steady beat of their hearts.

Jon leaned in closer, his lips just inches from hers and her warm breath. Take it slow, or she’ll run. She was a runner he already knew that.

Oh god, he’s really going to kiss me. Shit. Her body vibrated in the anticipation, he was so close and the temptation of that full bottom lip was right there in front of her. What are you doing? You hardly know him? But oh god she wanted him to. Three inches, two inches and then one, her eyes closed and her lips were poised. Then it came, the ever so gentle brush against her lips, not even a kiss before it disappeared. She opened her eyes into soft blues, confusion settling in her mind as to why he didn’t do it. Her own heart was threatening to hammer right out of her throat.

“Jon...” she whispered.

He’d almost kissed her, given into to the one thing above all else he wanted to do in that single moment. Get lost in her. But he couldn’t. He realised she had grown too important to him in such a short time, he needed to do her justice. She deserved it.

“I’d like to take you out to dinner tonight, you just you and me” he simply replied the pad of his thumb grazing her cheek lightly.

Her nipples were hard, her arousal ready to erupt and throw him against the wall but she stamped it all down and nodded “I’d like that Jon” God she just wanted a touch, just one wouldn’t hurt would it? Her hand reached out and palmed his chest. The scattering of thick hair was surprisingly soft under her hand. She shifted her hand over just grazing her index finger lightly over his nipple before completely pulling it away.

Jon inwardly groaned, Fuck she just did not do that. But it was a start she’d made the move. Tonight was going to be about getting to know her and finding out who the real Lily was, he wanted to pay her attention and make her feel spoiled in a way he sensed no one had ever done for her without an ulterior motive.

“Tonight at seven, I’ll come and collect you” he said, he finally broke apart from her and the crazy sexual tension that was ripping him apart but he had to do this right. She's worth the wait.

It was the hesitation on her part that had stopped him, she knew now that Jon really was a gentleman. He could have pushed her, she would have given in and he knew it but he wanted to wait.

She stepped back and smiled “Sounds perfect, casual or classy?” she asked trying to recompose herself.

“Definitely classy” he winked... God knows he may regret that with whatever killer outfit she would come up with.

“Did you manage to have breakfast in the end? I could go and cook something up for us now while we wait on your clothes?” she offered. That didn’t sound so bad and as much as she hated to admit she actually was starting to enjoy his company.

“Sounds perfect Lil, I’ll go rinse all this out and come and join you ok?” he asked, in that moment when he bent down the towel slipped from his waist falling to the floor. Lily gasped trying desperately not to stare but before she pulled her eyes away oh she got a full view. Oh god and he had to be half hard.

“Oh jeeze” Jon snatched the towel feeling his cheeks hit a red “Sorry about that, and stop looking!” he teased grinning at her.

She dropped her jaw “I was not, I didn’t see a thing” she lied defensively. God she was a bad liar.

Jon chuckled shaking his head.

“I didn’t, now if you will excuse me I will go and cock us some breakfast” the words slipped right out. She slapped her hand over her mouth “I mean cook...cook” she reaffirmed, Now it was her turn to be embarrassed. She was busted. Holy shit.

Jon snorted, she totally looked. “Didn’t look eh?” he smirked. The horrified look on her face was just priceless.

“Well it’s not that impressive, once you seen one penis you’ve seen them all” she snapped desperate to save herself some grace here.

His eyebrow rose “So you did look?” he asked amused. He knew it! She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Lily just let it go and burst out laughing “I’m so sorry” she said. Shit, just leave before you put your foot in it more woman. Her hand clasped against her mouth. “I’ll go cook” she corrected herself. She tried to exit the room with whatever dignity she still had intact.

“And I beg to differ that it’s not impressive, don’t judge a book by its cover, you need to experience it before you can discard it” he fired back to her.

She turned and grinned, a safe distance away from him. He was playing with fire, how she went from wanting to snap at him and never let him in to delicious flirting with him? She’d never know.

“Could say the same about woman too Jon...” she winked.

He was going to test the waters but only with words not actions “So will I ever get to prove it?” he asked.

The fire in her womb screamed yes, but her head was thankfully still thinking straight. She brought a finger to her lips and contemplated “The Jury is still out on that one” she winked and strolled off to the kitchen relieved to escape the red hot tension. She needed to cool off. Jesus Christ.

Jon watched the woman who now he desperately wanted to bed walk away. She was something, god she was. Lily St James. And by the end of tonight she would know it. Mission Accomplished.

Lily and Jon spent the next couple of hours on the deck of her father’s beach house drinking coffee and relaxing just making comfortable small talk. She’d prepared them toasted muesli, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Jon had told her about the band and the last couple of tours, and Lily had talked about her work around the London office. They found they shared the same views around business practice and goals, both admitting they were very driven people that didn’t like to lose. They kept away from personal conversation at this point. Jon knew he could have asked her, but he wanted to let her relax with him hoping that tonight she’d feel comfortable to share her life with him.

Once the clothes had dried Jon changed back and left Lily to relax for the afternoon, she wanted to head into town to browse around the shops secretly hoping to find a knock out dress for that evening. While she did shop, she found herself in slipping often into daydreams. Replaying the events from the morning, people must have thought she was crazy with the small laughs and smiles she often broke out in thinking about him. Finally she found the perfect outfit with accessories for the night. A part of her was like a girl going on her first date again. Technically it was her first... In a long long time. One she actually wanted to be on. She couldn’t wait.