Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Lily quickly showered and redressed in a light sundress and sandals. Squirting some body spray on she packed her things all up and walked back out to the living area where the guys were having breakfast on the deck. Jon appeared with a tool box in one hand, dressed in jeans and tight navy blue thermal that hugged his body moulding around his abs. This was a bad idea.

“Feel better?” he asked smiling admiring her lemon sundress that showed those sun-kissed legs off to perfection.

“I do, thank you so much. I’ve just been running, you have no idea how good that shower was” she said gratefully. Although it may have been better with you in it.

The vision of her in tight gym clothes running along the beach made his heart beat faster. You’re welcome. Now I’ve got my things so should we try and see if we can fix this up?” he asked. He wanted to quickly get her out before either Richie or David yelled out that he had no idea what he was doing. They thought it was hilarious, so he needed to get her out of her as quickly as possible.

She waved to the guys before Jon ushered her out the door to walk to her place. Once they got there she unlocked the door and led him in.

“Wow, nice place” Jon whistled looking around. It was twice the size as his place and fitted with a very modern d├ęcor with neutral colors. Pristine and immaculate Jon figured it would have cost more than just a pretty penny.

“Thanks, it’s my father’s. He bought it after Mom died…” she stopped placing her keys on the table, She didn’t need to tell him all that.

“Sorry to hear that” Jon said softly “that must have been hard for you”.

She nodded trying desperately to repress the grief that was still buried deep inside her locked away. “Yeah it was hard. She always wanted a place out here and Dad always said that they didn’t need one, so when she died he bought one. Ironic huh?” she asked opening the large slider to let the fresh air in. She already felt so comfortable with Jon, it was weird and something she wasn’t used to.

The way that she stared so distantly out to sea, Jon saw she was still dealing with the grief internally so he didn’t push it. “Well I best get started, you want to show me the bathroom?” he asked.

She nodded climbing the stairs “Come on it’s up here” she led up the spiral staircase to the sprawling second level and into the main bathroom.

Jon dumped his toolbox down and flipped open the lid and fastened the leather tool belt so it hung low around his hips.

Don’t drool, don’t drool. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing? I can just wait till tomorrow” she offered. He looked a little unsure of himself. She bit back a chuckle. If he was anything like she was, he was stubborn and would never admit to not knowing what to do.

“Pfff, of course I do. If you leave me to it baby, I’ll get started” praying she didn’t want to watch him fumble around.

“Of course, I need a drink did you want me to fetch you one Jon?” she asked. She had to get out of there, the tool belt, his top clinging to his muscles, lord. She really would need a cold shower soon.

“That would be great Lily, I’ll just have what you’re having” he smiled leaning against the shower door crossing his arms.

She swallowed hard. She had to get out now, or she’d be the one he’d be banging not the plumbing. “I’ll be right back” she said excusing herself to go back to the kitchen.

Jon shook his head, it was there. The tension between them was red hot, he had to be patient he got the feeling with Lily one false move and strike you were out. He turned back to the shower and shook his head. He closed the door to the bathroom and pulled out his cell phone and dialled the one person that just may know what the hell he was supposed to do.

“Hey Dad, Its Jon” he said. Shit he was going to laugh but Jon was desperate.

“Hey Jon, how’s the Hampton’s? Carol was just saying we should come up and see you while you’re up there, she worries about you, and you know that” his parents had been on his case since the separation. His mother convinced that he rushed into the decision, but she did have a close relationship with his ex-wife so that was expected.

“Yes Dad, I know. And I’m doing fine really, no need to come up. I’ll come out to you guys next week ok?” he asked “Now I need some help and I don’t have much time, how do you fix a leaky shower?” he asked.

“Well you call a plumber son for a start” John Bongiovi laughed.

“I know I would Dad, but I kind of told a friend I would fix it for her”

“For her? Oh I see…well in that case you need to check the pipes behind the shower, look for a panel that probably comes out and check the pipes, when you turn on the water you’ll see where the leak or problem is…just who is this friend?”

“Thanks Dad, I see it got to go” he said slamming the phone shut before his Dad could ask anymore questions. There were stirrings in the hallway so he figured Lily was on her way back. He quickly set to work and removed the large panel which sure enough had the piping work behind it. He turned on the shower like his Dad told him and the leak became visible to him. Perfect. He grabbed his wrench from the belt and tightened it around the bolt which was where the leak was generating from. Nothing to it, rock star by day handyman by night.

Jon was so lost in thought that the surge of cold water hit in hard “Shit!” he spluttered it was soaking him and worse going everywhere all over the tiled floor “Fuck!” he yelled.

Lily carried two glasses back up the stairs with iced tea with a sprig of mint in each. She was almost at the bathroom door when she heard a rushing of water in between male curses. She rushed to the bathroom door and flung it open only to get soaked in water that was exploding all over the bathroom.

“Shit!” she shrieked putting the glasses down, Jon was completely blinded trying to take the impact of the blast. Lily reached up and cranked the dial back making the water subside.

She was soaked to the bone, her sundress now plastered to her skin. “What the hell happened?” she yelled turning to look at him water dripping off him. “I thought you knew what you were doing?!”

He looked up at her feeling his own cheeks creep with a blush “I don’t know what happened I found the leak and then…” He was such a freaking idiot. Good one now she really is going to be impressed. Her sunny blond hair was ratty and wet, and the gorgeous sundress was clinging to her body, so much he could see her nipples poking through the thin material. Ok so it wasn’t all bad.

“Did you turn the water off first?” she asked haughtily “and stop looking!” she cursed angrily covering herself up.

“Um, no I guess I forgot that bit, but I was trying to see where the actual leak was and then I guess… I should have turned it off before I attempted to tighten it” he said shifting his feet a little.

Lily reached over to the rack and grabbed two towels throwing one at him and then looking down “I’m soaked Jon, Jesus Christ! And this place is a mess!” she cursed rubbing her face dry.

He laughed, I shouldn’t she’s so angry. “I’m sorry, I’ll clean up I promise” he bit back a chuckle.

“It’s not funny!” she snapped then laughed “Ok, maybe a little... god I wouldn’t have bothered with the shower at your place if this was going to happen” she went to move but the slippery floor under her sandals with no grip didn’t comply she slid forward and squealed grapping out for the one thing that was in her sights, Jon.

“Whoa, you ok?” he grabbed her arms and pulled her up her body pressed into his as she regained her balance.

She pawed at his wet thermal straightening herself. “Sorry, slippery floor which you will be cleaning up” she looked up into blue eyes that were so close she could see his pupils dilating just a little. The strong smell of that cologne mixed in with pure man was radiating right over her body. Jon followed his instinct and slipped his hands around the back of her waist but soon stopped when she stiffened in his arms.

Inches away were the best kiss she’d have, she just knew it but something stopped her, she just couldn’t. His lips looked so inviting, and soft. The bottom one was just a little fuller. Her teeth were twitching to pull down into her mouth and suck on it. God just once. But her instinct pulled away “Thanks” she said picking back up her towel now aware her skin was showing right through the wet material.

“I-I better get changed” she said before turning to him “I can dry your clothes for you if you want to just wrap yourself in a towel” Oh god why did she just suggest that? She was a sucker for punishment.

Jon was about to suggest that he could just go home and change but she’d made the offer and it kept him there “I’ll clean up in here first, do you have a mop and bucket I can use?”

She nodded “I’ll go and find one” she said leaving him. She quickly peeled off her dress and wrapped a towel around herself in search for the mop and bucket. God what the hell was she doing?


Sunstreaked said...

LOL - Honey, you'll figure it out!

Too funny! Two soaked gorgeous people. Just loved that chapter!

SoulGirl said...

Aww thanks Sun, I loved reading yoour comments and glad you're enjoying Jon and Lily's debut ;)

Will be more to come, I really like these two :)

Anonymous said...

"She had to get out now, or she’d be the one he’d be banging not the plumbing."

Oh dear, I so shouldn't be reading this at work! Loved it, I can see these two now. Love your story. I've been desperately trying not to ready any FF while I write my own (been at it since May last year), but considering this story is only short I thought why not. Glad I chose it! Natto