Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jon straightened his tie and adjusted his cuffs of the white wide collared shirt he was wearing. He was due to pick Lily up in less than ten minutes having made reservations at a popular waterfront Mexican Restaurant. He gave himself the once over with a squirt of cologne and quickly applied a little product to his hair. Shrugging into the black pinstripe jacket, he was ready.

“Looking good stud” David quipped when he came out for his wallet and cell phone. Richie, David and Tico were playing poker for the night.

Jon rolled his eyes “Thanks Joker, I’m sure Lily will like it” Maybe I’m wearing a little too many clothes for her he chuckled to himself remembering the look on her face.

Richie laughed “Oh I’m sure she will, least you could do for her after flooding her bathroom.” The guys had not let it rest since he’d been home and told them about what had happened with the bathroom. Richie had almost busted a seam laughing so much. Of course Jon had left out the part of calling his Dad, and the towel falling off. He wasn’t that stupid after all these years.

“Yeah yeah asshole. Well boys have fun, sorry I can’t stay but one of us has a date” he grinned.

Tico chortled “Now that’s the Jonny we all miss, welcome back. Got get her Tiger” he flicked a chip into the heap in the centre of the table.

“Ohhh Casanova now? Couldn’t woo her on the beach but now look who is the expert” Richie teased.

“Hey neither could you asshole” Jon pinged back at him

“Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” Richie waved with a broad grin.

“Rich, I’ll do everything that you don’t do man, I want her to actually LIKE me” he laughed before ducking at the flying bottle cap that came his way “See you assholes later” and with that he was gone. The car that he’d ordered was waiting for him, the driver opened the backseat and then drove just down the road a little to Lily’s. Jon quickly adjusted himself and headed for her door. Here goes nothing.


Lily spun around in front of the full length mirror admiring her new navy blue halter neck dress that was full length but clung to her body the whole way down. The neckline was a little more plunging than she intended but it suited the style. She reached up to her lobes and hung a pair of white gold hoops that sat nicely nestled within her golden hair.

Reaching down she strapped on her new Milano Blancs that of course just happened to go with the outfit, before starting on her makeup and hair. She always believed in less was more, just keeping her natural look with a touch of lip-gloss and mascara over the base.

She fussed with her hair for over half an hour before realizing the time. “Shit” he’d be here any minute. She laughed out loud thinking about the last time it was she took this long to get ready for anyone. “Anyone would think he was special or something” she laughed, she didn’t want to admit it but just maybe he was.

When the door bell rang she had just finished putting the last pin in her hair to hold in up. She’d gone for a loose French roll with a few stray strands teasing her face “Perfect” she clutched her purse and made her way to the door accompanied by the clicks of her heels on the hardwood floor. She took a deep breath before unlocking the door and swinging it wide open.

Jon’s breath caught in his throat at the woman standing in front of him, she stood one hand cocked on her hip, and her lips curved in a broad smile the type fashion magazines boded. “You look incredible” he said taking her hand. He took in more of her as she moved closer; her sun kissed blond hair, pinned up with stray wisps’ that framed her face.

The full length navy blue dress she wore was snug around her body and killer heels that were what men only fantasised about showcased her long slender legs. The dress brought out her eyes, blue as the ocean and his gaze rested on the full shimmer of her pink lips. Good fuck.

She smiled taking his hand and pulling the door to lock behind her “Thank you, you brush up well yourself” Holy hell, he was smoking and the dark pinstriped suit he was wearing fitted like a glove. She hadn’t until this moment as they walked to the car realized the ass that he had, firm and tight. Shit.

Jon helped her in the car before slipping in beside her himself, he couldn’t help but catch himself staring at her every second moment. Her eyes met his third time he looked, she smiled and his palms went damp against the leather seats. She looked away lost in her own world, licked her lips and crossed her legs in a movement so slow Jon swore it had to be deliberate.

He watched her run her hand from her knee to her thigh across the silky material an action that had to be made for a man’s gaze to follow. The ridiculous thing was, Jon had a feeling she was oblivious just exactly what she did to men. She was confident, sassy and classy yes. But there was also an innocence about her, one that threatened at the seams of Jon’s pants.

They rode to the restaurant accompanied by pleasant small talk, when Jon lifted took her hand and lifted her out of the car she brushed up against him just catching a most intoxicating smell of spice with fresh spring. God, how the hell am I going to get through this night without losing it?

She slipped her arm through his as they entered the dimly lit restaurant on the waterfront. It had a rustic Mexican feel about it, but the dimmed lighting and candles scattered through the restaurant made the mood intimate. The waiter seated them and Jon pulled up the wine menu.

“Will a white take your fancy Lily?” his eyes still scrutinizing the menu.

She placed her purse on the side of table and smoothed down the white linen table cloth with her hand “I think Sauvignon Blanc will fit the bill, do they have the Terrunyo Savvy?” she asked.

Jon’s brow arched “Why they do, I’ll take your recommendation Miss St James” he smiled folding the leather bound menu and placed it back on the table.

“Chilean wines always bring out the Mexican flavour really well, especially the whites, they’re built for it” she said running her finger along the rim of the empty glass in front of her.

“A wine connoisseur I see” he nodded and signalled the waiter for the wine before turning back at Lily.

“I’ve been to enough business dinners to know what goes with what, but I am impartial to a little wine yes” she admitted with a grin.

The waiter soon poured the wine and brought a platter of corn chips and salsa dips and left them to it. He picked up his wine and took a long taste, nodding at the rich flavour he grinned. “Very nice” he complimented approving. He picked up a corn chip and swiped some salsa on it before offering it out to her across the table.

With her lips poised she leaned forward and licked the salsa off before biting the end of the corn chip. Jon’s pants tightened at the one move, you really are a sucker for punishment asshole. He dipped the other half in guacamole and popped it in his mouth before washing it down with wine.

“So tell me Lily, if you don’t mind...why a gorgeous self assured woman like you is not married” he asked. The question had been bugging him all night, he hated he had to ask but he needed to know.

Her eyes shot back up to his, god this was forward wasn’t it? She brought the glass of wine to her lips and thought about how to respond. The business woman she was, she could have easily manufactured an answer but looking into his deep blue eyes she gave it up.

“I’ve never really had much luck with men” she chuckled when his brow arched in surprise “What I mean is that anyone I’ve ever been out with always wanted to get through to the business somehow... or they were absolute assholes. I just really haven’t had time since Mom died sadly my life’s been about work, but Iike it that way” she explained starting to twirl a strand of her hair nervously.

Jon shook his head in disgust. He knew the type she was talking about, and it angered him someone as lovely as she seemed to be treated like that.

“I’m sorry you have been treated that way Lily, really you don’t deserve it” Jon crunched some more chips before he continued “How did you Mom die?”

God, he didn’t relent did he? First the man question and now the Mom question, oddly enough she didn't have the urge to bite his head off like he she did when they first met. She was relaxed. Probably the wine. She wasn’t about to tell him she had never been in love. Ever.

“She had cancer, it came on really sudden and within three months she was dead...floored us all Jon” she closed her eyes trying to push back the memories of long hospital nights and right till the end her mother ran that damn company. Right till the day before she died. She was a fighter.

“I’m really sorry Lily” the sadness in those big blue eyes was still there lurking, Jon could see it and wondered if she really dealt with it at the time, or that work had just taken over that grief.

She nodded keeping her composure “Thanks, it was a huge shock, but Dad’s been great I’m lucky to have a wonderful father...” she trailed off deep in thought, her finger tracing the outside of the placemat.

A pang of sadness hit Jon, why did he see himself in her almost? The same sadness, the same success after success but the obvious absence of something that she deserved. To be loved for just her.

“I was the same Lily....I’ve poured myself into work just before the tour I spilt from my wife, I didn’t want to think, didn’t want to admit maybe I’d be wrong just once in I didn’t.” He steadied the wine glass to his mouth and took a sip “Until now...I realize how out of practice I am and out of touch with woman I’ve become even though I can woo thousands on stage every night. Makes no sense does it?”

Lily smiled “It makes perfect sense” she managed a laugh thinking about the day of the beach how bad his pick up line was.

“You’re so thinking of the beach aren’t you?” he asked closing his eyes and cringing.

“Guilty but its ok, least I know now you’re just out of practice” she winked.

Jon looked back up at her “Lily I...” but he stopped when music started to filter through the restaurant. He looked out to the courtyard which was deserted with just a sprinkling of fairy lights that lit it. He smiled “Lily would you like to dance?”

Her heart caught in her throat, dance? She couldn’t remember the last time a man asked her to just dance. The slow song that now played in the background was inviting, she even admitted that. But the warning bells were ringing in her mind, she'd be so close to him, could she trust herself?.... “Jon...I” before she could protest he was up and holding out his hand.

“Just a dance Lily... that’s all” he said reassuringly. She nodded sliding her chair up and taking his hand.

Just a dance.