Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The dinner arrived and the wine flowed freely. By the third bottle of wine between them Lily had moved and was sitting beside him on her chair. She sat with her legs crossed and the glass of wine resting on her knee. The scent of him constantly was a reminder of his body pressed against hers just moments ago in the dance they had just shared. The tension still hung heavy over them but with in it all they still managed to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Jon had been telling Lily about the things the band used to get up to in the younger days, and admitting things he probably shouldn’t be.

She brought the glass to her lips “I don’t know how you boys are still alive” she shook her head and laughed. “You used to share girls?” she asked again at the revelation he’d given her. What a cliché. He really had lived the rock star lifestyle. Why is this a turn on?

He leaned back flattening his hands down on his thighs “Not my proudest days but I was so young and stupid back then, didn’t have a clue…” he smiled. The way her eyes remained attentively on his was killing him. He stared once too often getting washed away in the ocean blue of her soul.

“Well we were all young once” she laughed fading out memories of her own youth. They were nothing compared to what Jon had been through, a few drunken one night stands at college but really nothing to chalk up to the well bedded rock star.

Maybe it was the wine that was talking but her curiosity got the better of her “So what changed you and made you decide to get married?” her fingers flexed further around the stem of the glass.

Jon chuckled, “Well I was in love and again I was young and thought she was the one… and well you know how it goes…life gets in the way and you lose focus on what’s important and then its too late to fix it…” he ran his hand through his hair “I don’t know Lily…it was a combination of things but in the end we just weren’t in love with each other and now I’m trying to learn to live alone again” he admitted. He hated showing people his weaknesses but in front of her it seemed just natural to be able to admit anything. Something he’d missed in a long time.

Lily listened and nodded, she could see parts of herself in Jon but the difference was she never allowed herself to go down that path and get married. She’d chosen to stay alone, depend on just herself and her career to carry her along. Things that were in her control no one else’s.

“You’re doing better than you think” she said honestly. The buzzing in her brain that was wine induced prompted her to lean forward and place her hand on his knee.

Jon reached up and brushed his thumb across her cheek, her diluted blue eyes shone right back at him. “How about you? I still can’t believe that a gorgeous woman like you hasn’t had suitors knocking down her door every five minutes?”

She snorted softly “There has been suitors, I’ve just never opened the door Jon…” she trailed off. Like a moth drawn to a flame she found herself drifting forward towards his lips with an indescribable need to feel them on hers. She was surprised when he stopped midway and pulled back a subtle smirk twitching at the corners of his mouth.

“What about now? Going to open the door?” he whispered his hot breath tickling across her face.

God, she wanted to. No man in the short space she’d known him had made her feel like this, parts of her body ached for him that hadn’t since forever. Her hand that was free reached up and brushed his cheek “Jon…I want to” she managed. But I’m not sure I remember how. The room was rocking induced by the amount of alcohol she’d consumed but she was past caring. She wanted him and she wanted him now.

With their eyes deadlocked he inched in closer, his lips only seconds away from hers. Expecting his kiss she gasped and then groaned when he diverted to the long arch of her neck. Feather light brushes stroked down her neck pushing her back into the leather back chair she was seated in.

The taste of her skin was sweeter than he expected causing his pants to become uncomfortably tight. One taste of her wasn’t going to be enough, he had to get her out of here and now. He pulled back up to her lips she again leaned into him but denying her the kiss he stood up “Let’s leave”

His eyes were dark and heated and filled with the promise of what was to come. She lifted herself by his strength and followed him to the door, her hand laced in his. Her heart threatened to jump out her throat as they made there way out into the cool summer night. The crisp sea air whipped around their bodies with his dinner jacket flapping in the breeze.

He held her facing him, both hands latched on her waist, his own head was beginning to spin. He was used to drinking copious amounts of wine but even now his own vision was a little blurred apart from the gorgeous woman standing in front of him

His body was craving the kiss as much as she was but he was still intent to make her wait just a little longer. His nose nuzzled against hers before he broke his grasp and led her towards the waiting car for the drive back home.

She shimmied across the backseat with him not far behind her, he signalled the driver and they were off. He reached over and smiled pulling her in close, their thighs rubbing together on the leather seats. The heavy scent of coconuts and mangoes once again in his reach.

“My place?” he asked dragging his lips across her cheek to her ear letting his tongue tease the lobe.

She let a small groan slip winding her arms around his neck letting him freefall over her. “Mine” she whispered. She needed to be somewhere familiar if she was going to do this. Her mind had shut off an hour ago and all doubts she had drifted away while she melted like butter in his arms.

Her breath hitched feeling his lips followed by teeth scrape across the prominent bone in her shoulder. She turned her head and kissed the side of his temple before delving lower down that rigid cheekbone until he relented and faced her. Her lips crashed down on his, she couldn’t hold it back no longer her hand grabbing his chin and turning it towards her “Please kiss me”.

The lust was evident in her eyes turning them a dark shade of blue.

“I thought you’d never ask” both of his hands found the back of her head pulling her to him giving him the leverage he needed to be further inside her.

Her breasts pressed into his chest, and for the love of god if they weren’t in a back seat of a car she would have had him undress her. His hot hungry mouth left hers, travelling back down her neck and this time down the valley of her breasts. His hand was slid up her thigh with the thin material bunching underneath his palm.

She cried out when his mouth met nipple through the material of her dress. Dizzy with lust and buzzing with the wine she launched herself at him pushing him back against the chair. Hers hands ran all the way down her shirt stopping momentarily at his belt. God, what was she doing? If she could see herself now, she had lost all self control.

His hand grabbed hers before she could move it further over what she could only imagine was rock hardness. “Not here Lily… I need you where I don’t have to stop midway because once I get started, I’m not going to stop” his voice was almost a growl with a promise on it.

She shivered against him, her every being vibrated at the thoughts of what was evidently going to happen once they got out of the car and into her house. She nibbled at the edge of his chin before dipping her tongue into the crease. Her inner thighs were growing slick to her embarrassment. “Ok” she whispered. He traced her cheekbone with his index finger before resting it at her lips. She licked the tip of his finger wrapping her lips around the rest sucking lightly.

Fuck she’s going to kill me before we even get there. The tease inside him matched hers slowly thrusting his finger in and out of her mouth both knowing exactly what they were mimicking. He closed his eyes and groaned, his cock jerking in anticipation for that sweet mouth and her full lips to be around him now.

Thankfully the car came to a halt and they were outside Lily’s home. Jon quickly pulled a wad of bills not bothering to count them and handed them to the driver, his eyes never leaving hers. Giggling and stumbling they made their way to front door where she managed to fish her keys from her purse and unlock the door with Jon plastered to her from behind nibbling on every bit of skin he could reach. Once inside he kicked the door closed and stalked towards her, she took a cautionary step backwards each time he did. The eyes told it all, both burning bright with desire. There was a clunk and a thud, her keys and purse dropped to the ground before he grabbed her and held her against the wall.

He tasted like rich wine and chilli, and was coming at her like animal stalking its prey. This time she wanted to be hunted, and most of all she wanted to be devoured by him. She moaned into his kiss feeling the bump of his erection pressing against her belly.

“I need….I want…” she stumbled on the words as they fell out of her mouth between his intentions. She squealed when he lifted her into his arms and began to walk towards the bedroom, This was it…finally…